Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please Help this Chosson!!

Posting for Jameel:

Dear Fellow Jew,

Even though the current economic situation is very tough for all of us, we turn to you for help for a Chosson who just recently got engaged. His whole life, nebach, has been one of great tragedy; his parents were divorced when he was still a young child, and when he was just fifteen years old, his mother was a passenger in a car that was involved in major accident and *unfortunately* died as a result of the injuries she sustained.

Due to his family situation he had no other choice other than, rachmona l'tzlan, to join the army, and now at the age of twenty-eight after many years of hardship and great difficulty, he has finally found his zivug.

We trust you won't turn him away in his time of greatest need. Please send donations marked 'Hachnosas Kalloh' to the address below. On behalf of him and his family we offer you our heartfelt thanks and thank you in sharing in this great mitzva.

Send donations to:

Buckingham Palace,
Buckingham Palace Rd,
London SW1A 1AA,United Kingdom

Tizke l'Mitzvos

hat-tip: David!

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jonathan becker said...

this is a joke, right? prince william, right? parents divorced at young age, mother dies in car accident, donations to be sent to buckingham palace...very funny. or sort of funny, anyway. what would be the point of this joke? if it's just to be funny, fine, nothing wrong with that, but i've come to expect "points", even with the jokes on this blog. help me understand.

Nachum said...

I think it's a parody of the standard tzedakah letters.

Michael Sedley said...

Great Post

I believe that the Chosson has also been forced to live in State Housing his entire life, as far as I can tell, even his elderly grandmother has been living her entire life of state handouts.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Hi J Becker: There's a link at the bottom to Prince William's engagement.

I get mail like this ALL the time...its a decent parody. It was so good, I called up Joe and asked him to post it for me (I was getting vaccinated for my trip to India), so I emailed it to him from my blackberry...)

SuperRaizy said...

I think that this is brilliant!

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Cute guys.

PP said...

LOL Michael Sedley!!

Great post Jameel,

NormanF said...


I don't think our Prince really needs the help.

But its good to look out for others, regardless of their station in life!

Angle Investments said...

Do you need me to handle the collections and investing it into a trust fund for him?

- CEO of Angle Investments

Saul Mashbaum said...

This clever parody left out the
most imortant part - gdolei Yisrael will guarantee that donors of a sufficient sum will be blessed with anything they desire. It's a shame that anyone would be foolish enough to pass up this guaranteed opportunity to have all his wishes granted.

Anonymous said...

Having supported Israel for years, visited this site for some years now, and even directed people to this site as well as copy your articles with your url to enlighten the dhimmis in this world...I feel somewhat offended to come here tonight Muqata and see you taking the piss out of the Monarchy in my country. Shame on you. Never thought you were like this - live and learn.

Regards - Pip

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