Thursday, February 04, 2010

Avner Netanyahu Wins Jerusalem District Bible Contest

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son, Avner, won the Jerusalem District "Chidon HaTanach", (Bible Contest) the other day.
"Avner is the latest in a long family line to win recognition for Bible knowledge.

His mother Sarah's three brothers have scored high in previous Bible Quizzes:

- Amatziah Ben-Artzi finished in second place in the International Youth Bible Quiz;

- Matanyah Ben-Artzi won the national Bible Quiz at age 10;

- Hagi Ben-Artzi won the International Youth Bible Quiz.

In addition, the Ben-Artzis' father, Shmuel, is a veteran Bible teacher in Israel, and wrote a popular Bible Quitz textbook." (INN)
Can't wait to see this year's International Bible Quiz.

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Kamagra said...

Is good to know that this family wins the district because there are a very nice family and they have many good ideas for improving the district.

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