Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yet another PA policeman attacks/kills an IDF soldier

An IDF soldier was killed today (Wednesday) in a knife attack in the Shomron/West Bank at the Tapuach junction. The terrorist (not surprisingly) is a high ranking officer in the Palestinian Authority "police force."

The terrorist Palestinian Authority Police Officer is Mahmoud al-Khatib, from the city of Ya'abed, south of Jenin -- and he was captured by the quick response of Yossi Margalit, a security officer from a nearby settlement who arrived at the scene and ran over the attacker, lightly wounding him.

How awful.

A settler taking the law into his own hands, and running over a respectable (and senior) Palestinian Authority Police Officer, wounding him, and allowing him to be taken into custody by the IDF?!

I'm sure Goldstone will have the indictment ready soon.

And we all know who will be supporting and funding the allegations against Margalit.

(source: Haaretz and other news sources)

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Neshama said...

It hurts me every time these terrorists in "PA clothing" decide to take revenge and kill a precious Israeli neshoma.

Taanis Esther and Purim are nearing and I'm afraid there might be more pure souls taken from us (even if they're korbonos).

CS said...

Esther - the soldier was Druze.

Lion of Zion said...


so what?

Shira said...

the soldier was Druze

will that make the case against Margalit less political?

Anonymous said...

According to the news the soldier responding was from.......

Har Bracha yeshiva

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Definition of Irony;

Palestinian Authority Arab policeman stabs to death a Druze IDF soldier.

Jewish settler kids implement their "price tag" policy and throw rocks at Arab cars in retaliation for the murder of a Druze IDF soldier.

Israel Police sends Arab Israeli policemen to arrest the Price Tag youth.

(NB: For the record, I am completely against the "Price Tag" policy of throwing rocks at cars. A demonstration blocking the road would be more effective and less harmful)

Lurker said...

Neshama: It hurts me every time these terrorists in "PA clothing" decide to take revenge and kill a precious Israeli neshoma.

CS: Esther - the soldier was Druze.

So does that mean that his soul is not precious?

Please remember that this young man was a soldier serving in the Israel Defense Forces, and he gave his life in that capacity.

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