Thursday, November 04, 2010

Al-Qaida in Chicago

Last week an Al-Qaida plot was foiled to blow up two synagogues in Chicago. The bombs, caught in transit, apparently physically originated in Yemen.

But to choose those targets Al-Qaida needed to have local terrorists physically on site scouting out locations.

Not to make anyone uncomfortable, but that means there are currently Al-Qaida terrorists running around free in Chicago. That is, if they haven't flown over to New York or LA in the meantime.

In other news, Israel blew up an Al-Qaida terrorist in Gaza who was planning an attack on US and Israeli targets in Sinai.

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Shmilda said...

Or perhaps they just googled "lgbt synangogue" and copied down the address?

But given that Hamas was once run by phone from Chicago, it is not far fetched to assume their are Al-Queda scouts there.

May All the heroes of the Irgun be blessed. said...

Not really. Synagogues have websites. Websites are visited from anywhere in the world. One of the suspected targets reported being visited many times by a person from Egypt in the past few weeks. This could have been a coordinated attack with operatives in Egypt and several middle eastern countries.

And give me a break that they looked up "lgbt" synagogue! This place shared its space with a Jewish day school. They are not 'child-killers' any less than they are 'gay-killers' - They were going after JEWS in SYNAGOGUES, regardless of political beliefs. Only ONE of the groups who shared space at ONE target location said they have a "policy of openness to gays and lesbians" yet the media frenzy promoting the gay-agenda and hiding the antisemitic arab jihad nazism rushed to paint gays as victims and suddenly it became a shul full of transgenders only.

Scott said...

It might be possible that Al Qaeda sympathizers are running around in Chicago (besides the ones working for Obama)but it would be easier to google synagogue and chicago. Its hard to believe out of all of the targets that they chose an obscure Gay/Lesbian/Transexual/Trasngender target. From the reports I read the addresses on the package were outdated, so in all likelihood we are NOT talking about on site agents.

May All the heroes of the Irgun be blessed. said...

By promoting the gay agenda with this story, the media is hiding from the elephant in the room which it refuses to discuss - that arab jihad targets Jews. That the Koran and islamic belief is antisemitic and that arab nationalism is based on destruction of Jews. The media will never confront those facts. Much easier to say that the evil terrorists wanted to bust up the transgender and leftist-hippy party because terrorists are against leftist political agendas and freedom. and obama. and apple pie.

Unknown said...

The latest I saw was that the packages were meant to blow up en route, not at the destinations.

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