Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Conclusion: Hamas Bomb Caused Explosion on Gaza Beach

Israeli taxpayers continue to support the Israeli hospitalization of Palestinians wounded from this past week's false-allegation -- that Israel was responsible for the explosion on the Gaza beach. Shrapnel removed from the bodies of the wounded were clearly not from an Israeli IDF shell...and many other reasons prove that Israel had nothing to do with this. The JPost has the full story here.

This may sound callous, but why should Israel pay for the treatment of the wounded Palestinians? Is it really a humanitarian gesture? Is this the correct and moral thing to do?

Let's try to take the political drama out of the equation and look at the hard facts -- the way hospital administrators decide key issues. When a limited budget exists, how does one decide to buy an expensive piece of equipment for dialysis which only benefits certain patients vs. general equipment or medicines which could benefit more? These are sometimes very difficult decisions, but it does not make the administrators immoral people.

Israel is NOT made of money, and all day long we hear of financial issues here; poverty, unemployment, educational needs... Shouldn't our own problems come FIRST and foremost? I guarantee you that there are plenty of Israelis that could use the money currently being spent on the medical treatment of the Palestinians -- for their own medical treatment and operations.

Not a day goes by when people aren't knocking on my door trying to raise money for a desperately needed life-saving operation.

And now that it's clear that the Hamas were responsible for the explosion on the Gaza beach -- why are we still paying the bill?

At the end of the day, the expenses are coming out of the Israeli taxpayer's pocket, as well as all the negative PR being heaped upon Israel by our Gazan neighbors.

We get zero PR points, and even had the Israeli Prime Minister's daughter protesting against Israel's murdering of the Palestinians.

Is it too cruel-hearted to mention in the same breath that there are still hundreds of Jewish families, who were targeted by thousands of Palestinian rockets, kicked out of their homes, and not been compensated by the Israeli government?

Personally, I'd rather they get my tax money.

And I honestly and sincerely hope that all innocent, wounded civilians have a complete recovery.

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JoeSettler said...

B"H we apologized already, cause today we actually did kill a whole bunch of Arabs when we attacked a Kassam crew launching a missile at us. As someone else said the other day (I don't rememeber who), "It all began when Israel hit back".

Anonymous said...

I have heard that when wounded Israelis come into a hospital after a suicide bombing, palestenian people (who are being treated for FREE by Israeli doctors) clebrate in corridors.
How sick is that?

AbbaGav said...

I'm not sure this really had anything to do with it, but that shrapnel may prove very important. It is physical evidence. The rest of our case is circumstantial. Of course those who wish to believe the worst of us wouldn't change their mind if they'd seen it with their own eyes, but it might help the future PR, if it isn't too late already.

I also don't think that doctors approach these things from a political or nationality based viewpoint. There's no telling how each person feels inside, but it's frequently reported that most doctors (non-bomb-constructing ones at least -- I think Zawahiri or some other AQ bigwigs are docs) just try to heal, regardless.

YMedad said...

With Peretz as Def. Min. we're killing more Arabs than usual. Either he wants more dead Arabs; doesn't like his house being a target; is incompetent; or is being set up as the next "Sharon is a Murderer" substitute and will be wiped off the Labour/Left political map.

dbs said...

The page 1 story in the NY Times, (mostly about inter-Palestinian violence) says

“...In the wake of Friday’s killing of seven members of a Palestinian family on a Gaza beach, apparently by an errant Israeli shell.”

The story continues on page 6. The third to last paragraph says:

“At the same time, and Israeli investigation continued into the deaths of eight Palestinian civilians on a northern Gaza beach on Friday, with Israeli officials continuing to suggest that the explosion may not have been caused by an Israeli artillery shell, but by an errant Qassam rocket or explosives hidden in the sand.”

This is following three days of heavy coverage of the explosion, featuring photos of the surviving girl and the funeral. Jerks.

It’s not my tax dollars being spent, so I apologize for opining here. But, as far as the hospital care is concerned, I don’t agree, partly from humanitarian grounds (not that we are obligated to cure all of the world’s ill) but mostly from a practical PR standpoint. A tiny, tiny, tiny amount of goodwill, even among only a very small group of our enemies is far cheaper than warring with them. Not to mention less bloody.

Batya said...

according to PMW, it was a fake

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uhhh, gavriel - you were right about the shrapnel being valuable evidence.

But get this: the Palis took the wounded to their own crappy hospital and operated on them to REMOVE as much of that evidence as they could. THEN they "rushed" these "critically wounded" people to a proper (Israeli) facility.

And they have the chutzpah to cry about harm to civilians... as if they care at all about their own people.

Anonymous said...

This Medena makes me sick! It took 2 weeks of hunger strikes for people sick with cancer to get some $ for them but when some Mohammed gets hurt by hamas they dont even think twice!

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