Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Multilingual JBlogosphere welcomes Spanish J-Blogs!

(An English translation will follow the Spanish one)
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Shalom y Bienvenidos a la Seccion en Español de la JBlogsphere (Blogesfera Judia).

Ademas de toda la maravilla de los JBlogs en ingles, existe todo un interesante universo de JBlogs en español sobre importantes e interesantes temas que van desde politica en Israel hsta Judaismo y Noticias Judias. Algunos de llos tambien son bilingues.

Como un servicio para aquellos JBloggers que leen esapñol, adjunto una lista preliminar de JBlogs en español. Sientense libres de conctactarme para actualizar/modificar la lista, y le doy una calida bienvenida y agradezco a El Rejunte.il por avisarme de este asunto importante.



(Wow, I didn't realize that going to Yeshiva College in Washington Heights had so many fringe benefits...like being able to subliminally translate Spanish! :-)

Shalom and Welcome to the Spanish Language Section of the JBlogosphere (Jewish Blogosphere). In addition to all the wonderful English language JBlogs, there's a whole universe of interesting Spanish JBlogs on important and interesting topics ranging from Israeli politics to Judaism to local Jewish news. Some of them are bilingual as well...

As a service to Spanish Reading JBloggers, enclosed is a preliminary list. Please feel free to contact me to update/modify the list, and a warm welcome and thanks to El Rejunte.il for bringing this important issue to my attention.



The Spanish-language JBlog list....

El Rejunte.il - elrejunteil.blogspot.com [SPANISH]
Herut -heruth.blogspot.com [SPANISH]
Desde Sefarad - desde-sefarad.blogspot.com [SPANISH]
La Bella Aurora - bellaaurora.blogspot.com [SPANISH]
Del Arte de Cruzar los Oceanos - fabitas.blogspot.com [SPANISH, ENGLISH]
Isreal - isreal.wordpress.com [SPANISH]
El Blog de Rafael V. Rabinovich - rafvrab.blogspot.com [SPANISH, ENGLISH]
Safed-Tzfat - safed-tzfat.blogspot.com [SPANISH]
Eretz Blog -eretzblog.blogspot.com [SPANISH, ITALIAN]
Israel Facts Review - hasbarablog.blogspot.com [SPANISH, ENGLISH]
Enfoque - enfoque.blog-city.com [SPANISH]
Noti-Israel - noti-israel.blogcindario.com [SPANISH]
La Internet Judia - internetjudia.blogspot.com [SPANISH]
Que! - www.quediario.com/blogs/8307/ [SPANISH]
Israel Grafico - israelgrafico.typepad.com/mi_webblog/ [SPANISH]
Tizas - blogs.periodistadigital.com/tizas.php?cat=165 [SPANISH]
Los jovenes judios de Barcelona - uejconline.blogspot.com [SPANISH]

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Sarah Likes Green said...

cool! all i need to do now is to learn spanish...

Mike Miller said...

Wow... I actually understood that. Not every word, but just about (which makes my Spanish much better than my Russian (or Arabic, for that matter)).

Of course, when I skimmed the list of blogs, I misread noti-israel.blogcindario.com as Not-Israel, but 1 mistake isn't too bad, I suppose.

kasamba said...

You know, all those Sesame Street words in spanish have really paid off...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Sarah: me too!

Kasamba: Between YU in Washington Heights and Sesame Street, I should be able to write my own blog in Spanish.

Maybe I'll try that tomorrow ;-)

Mike: I guess you watched alot of Seasame Street as well...

Batya said...

Do they do a Havel Havelim?

Tienen "Havel Havelim?"

FrumGirl said...

¡Hey bloggers españoles, su tan fresco que usted ahora está participando! ¡Cheque venido fuera de mi blog!

Klovs said...

Thanks Jameel!

batya: No, no tenemos Havel Havelim.

Enjoy reading both English and Spanish blogsphere.

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