Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thanks -- Milestone 50K visitors.

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you, and those of you that link to me...sometime on Friday my blog received its 50,000th visitor.

As of tonight, motzei shabbat, the Muqata blog has had a total of 50,258 visitors and 84,508 page views since I started blogging last July.

You guys rock - the drinks are on me! (Or as we say in Ramalla, You guys drink, the rocks are on me)


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Sarah Likes Green said...


Anonymous said...

No, No, No. Thank you!
Keep up the great blog.

Anonymous said...

congrats and well-deserved.
Remember quality over quantity.

2R said...

It's the great blogs that keep us coming ;)

Anonymous said...

mazel tov!

And for your next soccer post (if you haven't seen this already):

the sabra said...

(Or as we say in Ramalla, You guys drink, the rocks are on me)


Rafi G. said...

wow!! You should write a book!

tafka PP said...

Wow. I assume this is all due to my linking to you way back when ;-), before anyone knew of the Muqata and it's madness...

Staaam- Mazal Tov, Jameel!!! Keep up being the light unto the blogosphere.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Tafka PP: Is must have been those silly MEMEs...thanks!

Rafi: I'd love to -- but I'll probably end up writing all the good stuff on my blog, and no one would buy the book.

Sabra: You know how mnay times Ive been stoned in Ramalla?

Sarah, SIM, Daat Y, 2R: Without readers I probably would not have kept this going (actually, I definitely would not have kept this going). So...Thanks!

Jeffrey Smith: Thanks for the link, though I think Ive exhausted soccer/football for the time being. Gotta leave something for the last game of the World Cup to make fun of ;-)

Anonymous said...

I guess I should say Mazal Tov

FrumGirl said...


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