Sunday, June 25, 2006

Less than a year from Disengagement, IDF re-enters Gaza Strip

Less than one year from Israel's semi-Disengagement from Gaza, IDF forces are re-entering the southern area of the Gaza Strip in response to this morning's 5 AM Hamas-led attack, which left 2 IDF soldier dead, 1 IDF soldier kidnapped, and 6 IDF soldiers wounded.

Key Definitions:

1. Semi-Disengagement The Palestinians routinely complain that the IDF did not fully "Disengage" from the Gaza strip, since there's a sea, air and land blockade on the strip by Israel for security purposes. Israel on the other hand, continues to pay the bill for electricity to Gaza (at the Israeli taxpayer's expense), phone service (ditto), on a daily basis allows thousands of Gazan workers into Israel, and allows for transport of goods in and out of the strip from Israel. Doesn't sound very disengaged to me.

2. Hamas-led attack. The PA's government is currently run by Hamas. This attack also included 2 other terror groups, including a never before known group -- one that smells alot like Al-Qaida, "The Army of Islam."

In a brief exchange with a left-leaning acquaintance this morning, when I mentioned that it looks like the IDF is re-entering Gaza, the reply I got was "G-d forbid." Actually, one has to honestly evaluate this expression for a second.

1. Since the Disengagement last year, the strip has swelled with more terrorists, guns, ammunition, explosives, rockets, and general terror infrastructure in the history of Gaza. Any IDF soldier going into Gaza is now at a severe tactical disadvantage due to Israel's Disengagement.

2. The Disengagement's proponents claimed that if terror continued, Israel would be free to attack Gaza. Since the disengagement isn't complete, we do not have any real moral highground with the rest of world, or even among Israel itself. When Yair Lapid and others beat ourselves up over IDF shelling of Gaza and Palestinian casualties which aren't even Israel's fault -- one has to wonder what the real point of the Disengagement was to being with. Security was obviously never at the top of the list (if on the list at all)...just ask the residents of Sederot or the mother of today's kidnapped IDF soldier.

3. So what do we do now? Israel's Defense Minister, Amir Peretz did not want Israel to severely escalate operations last week. In return, the Hamas-led PA government is increasing in quantity and quality of the attacks against us. Israelis say "G-d forbid" at the idea of going into Gaza. We've already pulled out and have no more Jews to evict from the Strip. Removing the blockade will obviously lead to an increase of weapons going in... IDF's command central thinks that a large assault is needed.

However: with the continued rocket shelling of Sederot and the Negev, targeted attacks against the Kibbutz Kerem Shalom's IDF outpost, kidnapping of IDF soldiers, attempted kidnapped of Israeli civilians, attempted bombings on the road to Gush Etzion and Neve Daniel this past Friday, and elevated terror attacks around the country -- one needs to wonder why at this time the Defense Ministry is so gung-ho to go after unauthorized settlement hilltop outposts and restricting the movement of 13 Jews (one step away from administrative detention). Amir Peretz, PLEASE get your priorities in order.

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Oleh Yahshan said...

As I wrote in my blog today.. The only real answer to this whole mess is full outright WAR.

If only SmolMert would wake up and see it for himself...


Anonymous said...

why only when a solder gets killd will we go back into Gaza what about all the people that cant sleep at night in Sterot?

ifyouwillit... said...

This isn't the first time we've gone back into Gaza, there was a brief incursion during one of the chagim.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Ifyouwillit: nothing ever before on this scale...(the IDF went in on Shabbat as well to pluck out 2 Hamas terrorists as well)

OY: Full scale war is not an option; too much diplomatic pressure from outside and within to prevent it. Sederot is meaningless...only if Qassam rockets were falling on Gush Dan would there be a fullscale war.

Oleh Yahshan said...

I was talking in response to the News from today!!
And to use the words of Peres = Pressure Shmessure!!!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Ari: A few years ago, I would have said, "NEVER".

The problem is that Israel will release terrorist prisoners over time, as they have been doing since Olso started. This totally cheapens justice and makes a mockery out of negotiating with terrorists.

Israel's reliance on the PA is a farce, and we have already seen the consequences; at Kever Yosef when IDF soldier Madhat Youssef bled to death because the IDF relied on the PA, and after the Disengagement, when Israel foolishly relied on the PA to reign in terror and keep the border with Egypt secure. (It's holier than swiss cheese).

Israel should aim to kill terrorists in battle, and not strive to take them alive -- to prevent their release or negative value as potential bargaining chips with terrorists.

My gut tells me that we should not negotiate with them at all. The problem is that Israel's government is so pathetic, that they will release terrorists later in any event, so whats the point of pretending not to negotiate now.

Oleh Yahshan said...

Jameel, I agree with Ari on this one, We get a lot of Intel from Live Pals. that we catch. they tend to talk very quickly and have no problem giving us everything we want to know (Usually very good intel)
The fact that we should have the death Penalty for them is something else entirely. Although I think cutting off thier arms will be enough (so they can't shoot, or press buttons).

The truth is that what we are doing in Yehudah and Shomron, works today... and if we were to do it in Gaza there would be quiet there as well... meaning - go in arrest who we need and get out.. collect the Intel and go back in again.. ETC.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

OY: And about Ari's original question - about Palestinian prisoners as per the Hamas demands?

Oleh Yahshan said...

I don't agree with you on that one.
I think that if the cost of getting an Israeli Soldier back to us (Alive, but also Dead in some casses) is well worth the release of Terrorists. We can (and often do) catch them again. And this time they might fight back and we will "have" to kill them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jameel, I've written on the same concerns. I've put a cross link to you, we agree on most points esppecially the tactical disadvantage the I.D.F. now has entering into Gaza. I take this point further and extend it.
Read my blog, give me your thoughts

Anonymous said...

I empathize tremendously with the concept of bringing back IDF soldiers with prisoner releases.

But what about the incentive factor. This only spurs the terrorists on more to kidnap soldiers, civilians, whatever they can get their dirty little hands on. It is a slippery slope negotiating in such a manner, I don't have a definite view on this terrible matter, torn between the heart and the mind.

Anonymous said...

It is only war is war by the arabs and only games by us.

FrumGirl said...

This situation is getting more and more scary!

Jameel dont you feel it in the air - That suspense? I know must... it shows through in the way you post. You know you are on the verge of something....

JoeSettler said...

See my analysis here.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Thanks for the history I am not educated in politics.

Batya said...

yes, dangerous perverse insanity

Anonymous said...

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