Thursday, June 15, 2006

Prelude to the Most Amazing Thursday Night Ever.

Shavua Tov -- A good week to you all.

It's late but wanted to mention a few important items you'll be reading about this week.

1. The reason I will never eat 7 pizza slices (in a row) again without calling my wife first, is that when I arrived home after my meeting with my accountant on Thursday night, there were 3 IDF officers eating in our front yard. Apparently, my wife made a BBQ for them, and had I called in advance, I would have know that my wife was preparing this BBQ...and it would have tasted alot better than 7 slices of pizza. You never know when someone will be preparing a BBQ, so its best to call home before gorging yourself on pizza. (And Kol HaKavod to my wife -- the soldiers were totally in awe of they should be).

2. More to come this week as I explain WHY I was meeting with my accountant. Be prepared for alot of important advice for ALL US olim on IRS tax filing. I wish it had to do with the one ad I got so far... but I'm still happy I met with my accountant.

3. I didn't diss the ad on my blog as some commenter wrote. Go ahead - see the movie! It's supposed to be funny. Let me know if it is - and we'll give it an even bigger and better review.

4. To the commenter that said I "sold out" by putting ads on this blog -- if they don't conflict with the message of this blog, AND it HELPS out Jews living in Israel (like me), then what the heck's the problem? Halevai that all olim in Israel could get some extra cash. Please explain why you think it's selling out.

And Finally...

5. In honor of Parashat Shlach (which we read in Israel today, and you in Chutz LaAretz will only be reading next week), this past Thursday night, the IDF opened up access to the grave sites of Yehoshua Bin Nun, Calev ben Yefuneh and Nun (the father of Yehoshua). What makes this extra ordinary is that the graves are in the middle of a nasty Palestinian village Timnat Hares. Nasty? Well, most of the flags I saw were that of Hamas, and the graffiti on the walls were that of the Terror Group DFLP. Not the sort of place for a Sunday after noon stroll. In fact, the fun all started Thursday night, when I get a beeper msg from the IDF:

Good evening: Tonight there will be access to "Kivrei Tzadikim" in Timnat Chares from 00:00 to 04:00.

The IDF rarely sends out this info more than a few hours in advance to prevent terrorists from planning an attack. By allowing access only in the middle of the night, it reduces friction between the Palestinians and Jews (since the locals are asleep).

I'm off to bed, but I will say it was one of the most amazing tiyulim I can recall. Pictures and a full description coming soon.

A quiet and peaceful week to us all.


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Anonymous said...

I went to Kever Yosef last year and it sounds the same wish i was there! SHAVUA TOV

Sarah Likes Green said...

1. now it all makes sense!!

5. amazing tiyul! can't wait to see pics :)

shavua tov!

Akiva said...

You mean you can't blog and live for free???? You sell out!!!! Imagine, expecting to eat and have power for your computer!

(That said, increased ad screening is recommended.)

rockofgalilee said...

1) Women often won't eat meat just in case there is ice cream sometime in the near future.
Thank God it doesn't work the other way around or I would never be able to eat dairy.

westbankmama said...

Imagine if we would only let Arabs into Al-Aksa between midnight and 4 am in order to "reduce tensions between Muslims and Jews"...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

WBM: kidding. Look at the bright side -- at least we got to visit this time. Kever Yosef has been closed for ages. I even asked the machat when we're going back and he said the Aluf isn't allowing entry to Kever Yosef now.

Rock: Actually, I ended up eating some steak at the BBQ, but I would have eaten alot more had I need wolfed down so much pizza!

Akiva: Yeah...tought world we live in.

Sarah: I hope to have the Thursday Night pics and story done by tomorrow. It was sooooo good, I want to get it right!

פייגא דבורה said...

I think number one should have been a post in itself. Good explanation! :-)

FrumGirl said...

I didnt say you sold out, are you talking to me lol

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