Wednesday, June 14, 2006

PA Fires Moslem Cleric for Admitting Mosque built on Jewish Temple Ruins

Every Moslem knows that no Jewish Temple ever existed. Let alone two of them, and let alone on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the Al-Aksa Mosque is located.

Yasir Arafat reminded President Clinton that no such Temple ever existed in Jerusalem, as did Saib Erekat during the Camp David talks..

In the Monday night meeting [at Camp David], for instance, Erekat took issue with Ben-Ami's contention that Solomon's Temple, the Jewish sacred site built 3,000 years ago, had really once stood on the Temple Mount. As the two negotiators debated, Clinton looked on amazed.

"I don't believe there was a temple on top of the Haram, I really don't," said Erekat.

Ben-Ami, stunned, pulled down a volume from a bookshelf and looked up Temple Mount, showing Erekat dozens of references to Solomon's temple and its successor that stood until it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D.

Hours after their exchange, the summit collapsed. Both sides declared it was up to the other to show more flexibility. Clinton said Arafat's intransigence on Jerusalem was largely to blame.
So what happens? One cleric quietly tells people that obviously there used to be one...even two...and the Mosque is built on top of it.

In a classic move, the (US taxpayer funded) Hamas (and also Fatah) Palestinian Authority fires the cleric for spilling the beans.

Contradicting most of his colleagues, a former senior leader of the Waqf, the Islamic custodians of the Temple Mount, told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview he has come to believe the first and second Jewish Temples existed and stood at the current location of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

The leader, who was dismissed from his Waqf position after he quietly made his beliefs known, said Al Aqsa custodians passed down stories for centuries from generation to generation indicating the mosque was built at the site of the former Jewish Temples.

He said the Muslim world's widespread denial of the existence
of the Jewish temples is political in nature and is not rooted in facts.

Read the rest of it here at YNetnews

If a Moslem cleric now comes along and says that Jews are NOT descended from pigs, you can be sure he'll not only lose his job, but his pension as well.

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exsemgirl said...

Sad but all too common...

(Trying to keep up ;-) )

Anonymous said...

I remember when the arabs destroyed the Shuls in GUSH KATIF they said they wanted to avoid "WAILING WALLS" they all know what was on Har Habayit they just try to cover it up!

Scraps said...

Geez. I'm not surprised, though.

kasamba said...

What a world!

The Jewish Freak said...

Don't be silly, everyone knows that Jews are descended from pigs (or is it apes?)

bec said...

i just read that article and i'm not sure what annoyed me more--that they are still screaming that the temples did not exist, or that they've now fired someone who might possibly have bills to pay and a desire to put food on his table. then again, i guess we should come to expect this. these are the same people who throw tantrums when someone mocks them in a cartoon....

Anonymous said...

What's really odd is that the Moslems could easily represent it with their usual triumphalism (Our scripture replaced your scripture, and our building replaced your building.) There are plenty of synagogues which were made into mosques (and churches, too; and plenty of churches that were turned into mosques). Not to mention the business of the "further mosque", which means that either there was a building there before the Moslem edifices, or the "further mosque" is someplace other than Jerusalem.
But then they would have to admit that there were Jews in Israel two millenia ago. And of course, to a mindset like that, if the facts are inconvenient, then one need only refuse to admit the facts to win the argument. If the Koran did not mention Jews, they would probably be arguing that Jews were an invention of Christianity from a thousand years ago. So I suppose the Koran is useful for something.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Jewish Freak: Actually, I think its pigs and apes, but I can't figure out how biologically you can compare a pig and and ape.

Just don't say that to a Fundamentalist Moslem...they may blow up at you.

BEC: It's high time you get used to it! Its not going to change in our lifetime.

Jeffrey Smith: Reminds of the joke:

An Israeli and a Palestinian were to meet with a great wise man to discuss their individual merits re Israel. The Paletinian entered first, removed his shoes and left them by the door. The Israeli entered next. After removing his shoes he carried them with him.

"Why did you bring your shoes with you?" The Palestinian asked.

"When Moses removed his shoes to approach the burning bush a Palestinian stole them," the Israeli said.

"Untrue!" screamed the Palestinian. "There were no Palestinians there!"

Smiling the Israeli said, "Now we can start the discussion."

Unknown said...

You said

"If a Moslem cleric now comes along and says that Jews are NOT descended from pigs, you can be sure he'll not only lose his job, but his pension as well"

I comment

No. he will lose his life and the life insurance will not pay off because it was suicide.

YMedad said...

The Islamic name for Jerusalem is Bayt al-Maqdis (House of the Temple). Palazzi notes overlooked verses of the Quran such as 2:145 which reads the Jews "would not follow your qibla; nor are you going to follow their qibla" which indicates recognition of the Temple Mount as the Jews' direction of prayer.

And I refer all to Offer Livne-Kafri's book, Jerusalem in Early Islam (in Hebrew) where, but one example, p. 103 records Shreih Ben Abid writing that Kaab El-Akhbar said "Solomon built the Temple on the ancient rock basis just as Abraham built the Ka'ab [the sacred stone pillar in Mecca]".

he who is known as sefton said...

First off, you should know that I'm visiting your blogsite via a hyperlink in the "Hear, O Israel" blogsite, wherein one finds a hyperlink to my blogsite under the "Alexander Stella's Musings" rubric . . .

My five doughnuts to your three, you'll get excited . . . maybe, negatively, maybe, positively . . . by my comment on the "significance" of the
Temple Mount . . .

. . . oh, yeah, you'll find that in my "the scent of the moon" post, which is located a little ways below the spot, brought up by clicking on the above "battle banner" hyperlink . . .

oh, yeah, I was informed by the proprietor of the former blogsite, that the Temple Mount, under the commands of Moshe Dayan, belongs exclusively to the Muslims . . .

being adiaphorestic, all I'm permitted to say is very little . . .

.he who is known as sefton

. . . ya'know, according to some scholars, that whatever Muslims circumambulate seven times during their pilgrimage to Mecca is a remanent of Arab polytheistic tradition, which prior to the Prophet had nothing to do with the Patriarch . . .

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