Monday, June 18, 2007

Breaking News - You heard it here first

From Jameel in the Field (via JoeSettler).

8:10 pm: Fatah & Hamas killing each other at Machsom Erez.

In the ongoing civil war between Hamas and Fatah over 10 Palestinians wounded, 2 killed so far at the Erez Checkpoint in Northern Gaza.

IDF troops ducking for cover while Palestinians duke it out.

No reported injuries to IDF troops.

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Anonymous said...

that is called למכה מצרים בבכוריהם

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

The whole thing is just unbelievable, and we will be blamed. We all know that, right? on Galei Zahal this morning I heard some father who apparently was stuck holding his dead child for 3 hours in the "sleeve" while all this was taking place, and our heroic Magen David Adom people were actually trying to GO IN THERE to help the wounded.

And Olmert says we have a partner. Right.

Olah Chadasha said...

Actually, I didn't hear it here first. It was on the news before this.

Michael said...

I wish both Hamas and Fatah great success on this particular endeavor...

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