Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Muqata Election Predictions

Today's Ami Ayalon is competing against Ehud Barak in the Labor Party chairman election.

Barak called on Labor Party members to vote, and said that he was the only one who could unite the Labor party, and beat Knesset Member Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ayalon said that he felt he had a good chance at winning. “If they want a regeneration of the party, and a different road than the one it has been taking, my chances are good – if not, I will remain in the party as a regular member.” (YNET)

Muqata Prediction: Ehud Barak by 58%.

Tomorrow is the Israeli Presidential Election.

Contestants: Shimon Peres (darling of Israel's media), Collete Avital (Labor part candidate), Reuven Rivlin (Likud, all around nice guy has his heart in the right place, but said he pardon Palestinian Terrorist Marwan Bargoutti, if the Government requested. Best of the 3...)

Shas "Spiritual Leader", R' Ovadya Yosef has publicly committed Shas support to Shimon Peres and said, "Whoa (sp?) to anyone's spirit if they vote for anyone but Peres", implying that if you want to lose your share in Heaven, then don't vote for Peres...

While Israeli pundits are saying that Shimon Peres will probably win due to the support from Shas, I don't believe at the end of the day, that all the Shas MKs will line up and vote for Peres, despite R' Ovadya's blessing of losing their share in the world to come.

Muqata Prediction: Rivlin will win by a few votes.
Caveat: If Colette Avital drops out of the race at the last second, then Peres will win.

Reference Material; Quotes from Peres, displayed on posters around Jerusalem.

There's nothing to be proud of in Jewish History (UNESCO Conf. 1994)

Jewish Youth should divorce themselves from our past. (UNESCO Conf. 1994)

Give me peace, and I'll forgo Israel's nuclear capabilities (4.1.96)

Bombing the Iranian Nuclear Reactor was a mistake (24.12.95)

There is no antisemitism in France (27.2.02)

Olmert is one of Israel's best Prime Ministers (17.3.07

If it were up to me I would remove History from the school curriculum (11.4.07)

To dance the tango, you need to close your eyes and let the romance flow...peace is a romantic process.

I declare that the [Palestinian-Israeli] conflict is over! No finger will ever again touch a trigger.

100 years of terror are over, and now start 100 years of peace and coexistence. (13.5.95


MKs: Now's your chance to receive Jameel @ The Muqata's blessing for health, a long life, and prosperity. Tomorrow: Vote for Rivlin!

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Anonymous said...

Since you asked, I think you were looking for "woe".

Lion of Zion said...

rafi g. raised a good point that peres as president means he can't be pm.

those are some pretty ridiculous quotes. and to think that shas was ordered to vote for him specifically because he has furtehred the cause of judaism

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Last night listening to the returns coming in from the Labor elections we were astounded that people were astounded. About what? That who arab communities cast every ballot for Barak and none for Ayalon. So Ayalon's camp is claiming foul play because there might have been vote tampering, bribes, or even ... pressure to vote a certain way. The most astounding part was that everyone who talked about it assumed that this was business as usual in Labor party voting. I guess I should have expected that.

Lurker said...

R. Ovadia Yosef: Woe to the spirit of one who votes for anyone but Peres.

Dare I ask what will happen to the spirit of one who compels others to vote for a dangerous rasha like Peres?

bluke said...

BArak won but Rivlin conceded. Peres is the 9th President of Israel

Ephraim said...

Shimon Peres elected ninth president

Peres: "I will give myself wholly to the nation." Oh God, no, please, take it back.

I miss living in a country where the president was elected by the citizens.

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