Sunday, June 10, 2007

How to Make Aliyah (step #1)

JoeSettler here.

OK. So all us bloggers gave our 12 reasons to make Aliyah. And so far, everyone (except BenBayit) agrees with my reason #12, and I also happened to notice some overlap of other people's lists with mine (I guess they peeked before they wrote theirs – you know who you are).

That's very nice and all, but what is your next step to making Aliyah?

Yeah, yeah, I know, you have your 5 year plan you planned 6 years ago.

Well - how about the next best thing to a NBN pilot trip?

In just a week, on June 17, 18, and 19 (that's a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for those of you without a calendar in front of you) there is going to be a huge Israeli housing fair in New York and New Jersey.

There will be booths there from contractors, builders, agents, mortgage bankers, and other “interested parties”.

I even know someone who bought their home in Israel from going to the show.

What’s also interesting is that it isn’t just Jerusalem.

Reps are usually there for projects and homes in Modiin, Beit Shemesh, Maaleh Adumim, and other parts of the country.

And usually there is at least one bank there that can answer questions about getting mortgages in Israel and perhaps even get you started on the process.

So, if my list had even the slightest impact on you, then click on this link and go to the show. Tell them JoeSettler sent you (on the other hand, maybe don’t mention JoeSettler – but go to the show anyway).


Anonymous said...

Shalom v'l'chayim

A quick situation and a question:

My parents (and entire family) are koferim.

My wife and I are the only yehudim left from our families. For years, we were not observant, and all we grew up with are either dead or converted to koferim. No nice ketubim for the past ten generations for all the world to see...(koferim shred them, you know), and certainly no Jewish headstones. We are yehudim reb askenaz (ashkenaz label us as the "pope's jews...although the pope did not "pardon" our families from the sho'ah and the camps)...and we are 20 km even from a synagogue.

We are not rich and know noone of any import.

So then,(assuming our "fellow" yehudim would want us) how would we make aliyah?

Please excuse my skepticism; it is really just bitterness and I am still semi-smiling.

A nobody of the ostracized

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Dear Anonymous "nobody of the ostracized" --

As bad as you think you have it, many have come to Israel in much worse situations that you -- and have survived and even blossomed.

Please feel free to email me as I have some ideas and recommendations for you...(muqata @ gmail . com)

Anonymous said...

Caro fratello ebreo mio,
Sono molto lieto che Lei ha ripostato in honore mi'povera lettera, e dico "mille grazie"

My dear brother-Jew,
I am very pleased that you have even honored my poor letter with a reply, and for this I say "a thousand thanks"

As I said, I am poor; I have no e-mail, and send you this from the public library. Please send me your suggestions by mail, I ask you; and I will write to you as well if you provide an address for me. My address is as follows:
Yesha Galluzzo
988 Duvall Hwy
Pasadena, MD 21122
And, Baruch HaShem, I welcome any ideas you have. Shalom.

DonFphrnqTaub ʻ Persina ʻ Persina ʻ Persina ʻ Persina hopiakuta kutahopia altacalifernia altacalifernian altacalifernean altacaliferni altacalifernea altacaliferne altacalifern altacalifer altacalife said...

What aliyah chance is there for an impoverished Social Security Disability recipient, please?

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