Sunday, June 17, 2007

Enough! Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize stolen!

If this doesn't bring in multi-national troops to Gaza, I don't know what will.

Enraged Fatah leaders on Saturday accused Hamas militiamen of looting the home of former Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat in Gaza City.

"They stole almost everything inside the house, including Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize medal," said Ramallah-based Fatah spokesman Ahmed Abdel Rahman. "Hamas militiamen and gangsters blew up the main entrance to the house before storming it. They stole many of Arafat's documents and files, gifts he had received from world leaders and even his military outfits."

Abdel Rahman said the attackers also raided the second floor of the house and stole the personal belongings of his widow, Suha, and daughter, Zahwa. "They stole all the widow's clothes and shoes," he added. "They also took Arafat's pictures with his daughter."

I think we should start an on-line petition to give the Palestinian people, Shimon Peres' Noble Peace Prize as a replacement.

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JoeSettler said...

I already saw them offered on ebay.

the sabra said...


Holy Hyrax said...

Thats some pretty crappy photoshop there you did with the bullet holes :)

Anonymous said...

It's not like the Hamasniks are any less worthy of it.

Jacob Da Jew said...

I just love how the Hamasnicks pose for photos.

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