Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bye Mom. I'm on my way to Heaven...

Controversial new anti-drug commercial targets teenagers...

In a video clip we're all too familiar with, a teenager dressed as a Palestinian Suicide Bomber says goodbye to his parents as if he's about to blow himself up. The caveat; he's from an regular family in Ra'anana...and he's not going to blow himself up, but go to heaven by taking drugs.

Judge for yourselves.

Translation to English:
"My name is Omer Kendel, 16-year-old from Ra'anana, I bid goodbye to my parents Vered and Shmuel and my sister Karen and go to a party in Tel Aviv. There's only one way to be truly free: To get drunk, take drugs, get hammered. Don't cry, mother, I'm going to heaven."
Channel 2 TV refused to air the commercial, but other Israeli channels will.

For more info on the Israel anti-drug abuse foundation; it's here (in English)

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Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that the government would compare drug users to terrorists when it seems that the police dedicate a disproportionate amount of their resources to busting users, growers, and dealers, thereby aiding and abetting terrorists who are able to operate freely because of the lack of available police manpower.
I have never seen the police stop suspicious looking Arabs with large knapsacks, but I have personally witnessed (and heard plenty second-hand) notorious shakedowns of Anglos in Jerusalem who fit the "druggie" profile. What I said above is particularly relevant in the Negev where the police are so intent on stopping drug-related activity that they turn a blind eye to the nightly pillaging of expensive agricultural equipment by Bedouin.

Liza said...

We saw it on TV last night. It must have been on channel 10. Unbelievably stupid, tasteless, insensitive to terror victims and their families, etc.

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