Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Disturbing Shomron News

This morning, my beeper (that's "pager" in American) received the following message from our local IDF command operations center:
This morning at 07:30, there will be 4 armed Palestinian Policemen in the villages of the censored and censored regions in order to secure the [Palestinian] Bagrut [high school matriculation] exams. The above [armed PA policemen] will leave at 14:30.
This means:

1. Armed Palestinian Policemen are in and around the villages in the Shomron.
2. Palestinian school children who take exams require armed policemen.

Is that because:

a. Armed policemen needed to prevent cheating
b. Armed policemen needed to ensure only Fatah kids can cheat, and not the Hamas ones
c. It's an excuse to allow PA policemen to walk around armed.
d. The Israeli government thinks it's a good idea for PA policemen in the West Bank to walk around armed, to give Fatah the upper hand over Hamas.
e. Keeps the concession stand/Coke machine from being over-run by rioters
f. Palestinians are worried that Settler kids will try and disrupt their matriculation exams
g. Palestinians are worried that Settler kids will try and storm the Palestinian concession stand/Coke machine

Add your own...but use a No. 2 Lead Pencil.

In any event - Point 1 is worrying.

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Unknown said...

Maybe the Palestinian kids will have a photo-op near these "policemen." They can prepare signs "Without our matriculation exams we'll end up like this" --->

tnspr569 said...

Perhaps that's the only way the kids know how to function, surrounded friendly, gun-toting individuals, who mean no harm to the Jews.

Mhm. Sure.

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