Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deeply Offended Muslim to Sue Coca-Cola

My good friend Lurker called me up yesterday to lambaste me over the "secret coke" recipe I posted on the blog --he quoted snopes and claims the recipe posted on the blog is not authentic.

Regardless, at least one Muslim in Israel is outraged over the publication of the alleged top-secret formula, and is planning on suing Coke-Cola for not advertising that alcohol is one of the secret ingredients -- which is forbidden by Islamic law.

Translation of article from NRG: (source in Hebrew)
Following the disclosure of Coca Cola's secret recipe a Muslim from Israel's Jezreel Valley filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming they "deeply insulted his religious sentiments"

Following reports that alcohol is among the ingredients of Coca-Cola, an Israeli Muslim from the Jezreel Valley decided to sue the company claiming it has caused grievous injury to his religious sentiments. "If it is true, then it's a scandal. They fooled me all these years, causing me to transgress and sin."

Muhammad Mifra, age 67 from the village of Sulam near Afula, drank Coke for decades. Yesterday (Tuesday) after exposure to the popular drink's secret recipe, he grew angry. He discovered that he may have transgressed one of the most severe sins of the Muslim religion - drinking alcohol - and now he intends to sue the company.

The revelation of Coca Cola's 125 year old secret recipe angered Mifra, a devout Muslim, and his family. If it is true that the recipe contains alcohol, then many Muslims around the world have for years been drinking alcohol against the laws of Islam.

Through his lawyer Arieh Licht, Mifra sent an angry letter yesterday to Coke. "My client is very devout and performed the Muslim Hajj visit to Mecca," wrote Mr. Licht. "He used to drink Coke every day, and through various publications he learned that there is alcohol in bottles of Coca-Cola."

The letter also said: "If this is the case, then you caused serious damage to my client's deep religious sentiments." Mifra demanded from the company to know whether there is truth in the reports of the recipe, and told them that he will stop drinking Coke till he receives a reply from the company.

"I'm going to file against you, on behalf of my client, a class action lawsuit for money damages, for causing him to sin for years by drinking Coca Cola," wrote Mr. Licht at the end of the letter, "unless you let me know immediately that there is no alcohol in Coke."

The World Coca-Cola company said in response: "The ingredients of Coca-Cola, are listed on the product label. For many years various parties have tried to crack the secret formula of Coca - Cola, but without success. The exact formula of Coca - Cola is the company's trade secret. Soft drinks of Coca - Cola are not alcoholic. "
Class action suit? Pathetic!

Dubai has slightly more intelligence than Mifra and his lawyer.
A top official of the Dubai Municipality (DM) has ruled out any possibility of alcohol content in Coca Cola sold in Dubai and the UAE market.

He was responding to international media reports claiming that Coca Cola’s tightly-guarded recipe had been leaked out and that it contained certain percentage of alcohol, among a number of other ingredients, in the secret flavour formula.

The fuss about the fizz oozed out after the recipe was reportedly published by National Public Radio’s ‘This American Life’ earlier this week.

Khalid Mohammed Shareef, director of Food Control Department at the DM told The Gulf Today over the phone that there was no alchoholic content in Coke sold in the UAE.

“The regulations mandate that ingredients should be declared on label and it’s always verified and tested when required,” he added.

“The country has got sufficient mechanisms to ensure that all food items consumed by the residents are safe and free from all prohibited ingredients,” Shareef indicated.

“No alcoholic content was found out in our lab tests in the beverage. The food testing laboratories in the country are operating at the highest global standards, also networked with the all the labs across the world,” he confirmed. (Gulf Today)

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NormanF said...

Arabs can and do drink alcohol. Its an open secret in the Middle East the reason rich Arabs go abroad is to avail themselves of pleasures forbidden to them at home.

Anonymous said...

why does he have a Jewish lawyer?

Anonymous said...

First thought, do Arabs not use Vanilla extract in their baking? Just like with the Coke the alcohol cooks off.

Second to that. Coke makes no claim of being Hallal, only Kosher. So any Muslim drinking it is doing so at their own risk.

Anonymous said...

Diet soft drink makers, especially Coca-Cola, do NOT put alcohol in their soft drinks. Problem begin when either the middleman &/or the consumer STORE their beverage containing aspartame at 70+ degrees F. After a week or so at these temperatures, aspartame added to a LIQUID chemically alters into, among other nefarious substances, trace amounts of wood alcohol. The same is NOT true in the storage of DRY aspartame. If a buyer of diet beverages containing aspartame finds a good deal & purchases large quantities, but does not store them under 70 degrees F, this can be bad news for those who consume aspartame-laden beverages with abandon. Why this fact has never been made public knowledge is the crime here. This Israeli Muslim himself may be inadvertently responsible for imbibing not ethyl, but methyl alcohol if his diet drink was improperly stored prior to consumption.

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