Monday, February 28, 2011

Israeli police open fire on Jewish civilians

Updated with Jameel and Jameel's daughter.
(updates will be throughout the post. Pictures from the farm will be inserted soon).

Police opened fire on civilians at Gilad Farm. JPost reports that 15 civilians are wounded by police gunfire.

Jameel saw the Yassam troops gathering there this morning, closing off roads. Jameel's daughter is SMSing us with updates.

3 structures destroyed so far on this Jewish-owned private land owned by Moshe Zar.

Police shot Jewish civilians in the back with rubber bullets as they were running away, after police told them "you better start running".

75 year old woman and children among the injured.

Police shot civilians at point blank range, many in the back.

Pictures: KolYehudi

Moshe Zar's son Etai is among the wounded who was shot.

MK Michael Ben-Ari (Ichud Leumi) was attacked by policemen and knocked down.

The community is named in memory of Gilad Zar who was the security officer for the Shomron Regional Council and was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in that area.

In the past few weeks there have been a number of reports of police cocking their weapons and pointing them at Jewish civilians in the Shomron.

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Laura said...

Sounds like they're no better than the Libyan forces. How could they??

Anonymous said...

BeeBee and Barak are like Kadafee.

Someone had better be forced to resign because of this.

Anonymous said...

Context please? If the people being shot were Palestinians you wouldn't bat an eye.

Anonymous said...

Shot in the back... shot lying down... real threats they were... police and government should be ashamed... tell me where the protest will be... I'm going.

NormanF said...

What kind of country has Israel become where the police assault an MK? They would never do it to Arab MKs but they did it to a Jew.

There's a reason Israel's kapos use Bedouin and Druze Border Police for their dirty work: no Jew would fire on a fellow Jew.

This is what we get in the Jewish State. The government beating, assaulting and shooting its own citizens while demolishing their homes. Such a government neither deserves their consent or their obedience. Only their resistance and their resistance to its illegal acts will grow and endure.

Anonymous said...

"There's a reason Israel's kapos use Bedouin and Druze Border Police for their dirty work: no Jew would fire on a fellow Jew"

Yes but Israelis of the "i'm not Jewish I'm Israeli" variety would have no problem.

Ameteur said...

Is this some kind of parody I'm just not getting? The comments here are bizzare.

This sort of thing happens in every country in the world all the time. Recently in London over the tuition fees. You never went paintballing?

Commenter Abbi said...

This wasn't paintball it was rubber bullets

YMedad said...

Bibi should be asked a question or two.

rolandt said...

It was worse than paintball and worse than rubber bullets. It was the FN

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