Monday, February 28, 2011

Leftist Thieves

In this video taken at the Har-Sinai farm near Susiya, you see a group of Leftists on Friday Feb. 11 trying to empty out the farm's well and steal the water.

In the video, farmer Avidan Ofir protects his property while the leftists continue to try to rob him, including one strange woman who pulls his hair and tries to pull down his pants.

Avidan has a lot of patience. Another person would have (and should have) beat the hell out of her.

Will the state open an investigation into this?

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Anonymous said...

I find this so so disturbing, I watched this hours ago and I was shaking; it's still bothering me. I don't really follow the whole leftist/settler issue so this is probably fairly innocent compared to most of what goes on, but can someone explain to me what these people are thinking??? What is going through their minds when they think they can steal from someone? If they have a different ideology, that's fine, even if they're idiots. But what planet are they from? How do they justify such behavior? And why are they let off the hook, without a police report, names, anything?

Anonymous said...

tell him to carry a small pocket knife around with him. if he sees them do this again, just cut the pipe - the lack of air pressure will prevent the truck from "sucking" the water back into the truck.

Easy, quick, painless solution

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