Friday, February 18, 2011

[OT] Technical Fix

Ever since I bought my laptop a few years ago it's had two problems that have really annoyed me. I looked it up on Google and found plenty of other people with the same problems, but no solution.

Every few months I would go online and see if anyone had solved it yet (before I upgrade to a new machine). Finally I saw the other day that solutions were found for both of them.

The first problem was that the computer and various applications would randomly freeze up and the computer would indicate that the window was "not responding".

It turns out that the fault for that problem wasn't Microsoft, and wasn't from my laptop's manufacturer. The problem was caused by Intel!

Intel wrote a software driver called the Intel Matrix Storage Server. This driver froze the computer because it kept looking for RAID disks on the machine. I had to also erase a section in my Registry that indicated (because of this driver) that I had multiple disks on the laptop.

Once that driver was upgraded and the registry corrected - you guessed it, no more computer freezes (so far)

I'm writing this, because it turns out my wife (until last night) had the same problem on her computer, and some other people I know too. It's apparently very common because a number of laptop manufacturers installed a version of this driver on their machine.

Since the cure isn't as well known as the problem, I thought I'd share it with you.

It's like having a brand new computer.

(As for the second problem, I'm still testing to see if it was resolved, but it looks promising).

Shabbat Shalom.

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Gee a Moron said...

So where's the link?

Shabbat Shalom

JoeSettler said...

I finally found this solution:

They found it a while ago. I just found their solution now.

Unknown said...

Get into the 21st century - leave that dinosaur equipment behind with all its problems, glitches, and viral exposure - buy a mac - I resisted buying one for years as each of my kids got them and loved them - three years after switching, I remain essentially problem free and wonder why it took me so long to switch to the best computer interface available - even in Israel where Microsoft and PCs ruled for years, the change is happening and fast - once you use it, you will never go back

JoeSettler said...

Mac is so last decade. I'm hoping to go Android.

Anonymous said...

any idea why the Jerusalem consulate put out the statement restricting its employees from traveling on route 1 through tuesday??

JoeSettler said...

No, but I heard there are some new restrictions on them because of Friday's veto.

Anonymous said...


mac is using the exact same intel boards and chips as the pc...which is why one can now load windows onto a mac.

the more macs that go into circulation, the more the writers of viruses will work to write malicious programming for the mac.

macs still cost more than a pc

you cant buy a 400 dollar mac laptop yet... a techie...i fracking hate working on macs

for example...set up a wireless system for macs and pcs to use...i used the airport router....absolutely no prob for the pcs....the macs, however, got all funky...lots of apps wouldnt work....

so there

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