Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Worry about A Secular Egypt?

While many in Israel are worried about the Egyptian Islamic Party, the "Muslim Brotherhood" taking over and turning Egypt into another Gaza, Lebanon or Iran, the USA's clever Director of National Intelligence James Clapper declared that the Muslim Brotherhood is "largely secular".

Even the Obama administration couldn't stomach such stupidity, and in a rare move, "corrected" Clapper. (Source)

Yet the question remains, do secular Arab leaders mean that all will be well in the Middle East?

What does Egypt's opposition leader Ayman Nour have to say?
After the Egyptian army stressed it was committed to observing all of Egypt's international treaties, opposition leader Ayman Nour said Sunday, "The role of the Camp David [peace with Israel] accord has ended."

In an interview with a Lebanese radio station, Nour, who served a lengthy jail sentence during deposed president Hosni Mubarak's era, said Egypt "is a great country and must respect its agreements. As for Camp David – this is a unique issue with unique aspects – the people will decide on this matter.

"For all intents and purposes, Camp David is over, because it is an old treaty and its terms must be improved in a way that will correspond with Egypt's interests," said Nour, who is considered one of the more liberal opposition figures and has no ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. (ynetnews)
Many foolishly believe that the "Fatah" (Palestinian Authority) is made up of the "good guys" and Hamas is the "bad guys", but at the end of the day, they are both terror organizations who try to kill Jews.

Then again, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Yassir Arafat was also the bottom line is that Islamic Fundamentalism or secular Pan-Arab nationalism is irrelevant when the common denominator is the destruction of Israel.

Egypt must be watched very carefully. Only a fool would think otherwise.

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NormanF said...


And replacing one dictator with another does not change the regime's underlying hostility to the Jews and Israel.

A secular Egypt would marginally better than an Islamist one and perhaps that margin may make the difference in whether there is a future war but one would be a fool to think relations will warm up between Cairo and Jerusalem in the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Just be glad for an army that doesn't want to fight a war. If they did, would it really matter if Mubarak or the next guy, or the public, wanted to uphold the treaty? It's the army, the army, the army. If they want a war they'll make a coup and fight one. If they don't, then no one can make them.

yoni r. said...

If Camp David is over, does Israel get the Sinai back?

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