Thursday, February 03, 2011

SandMonkey arrested

Rumor has it that SandMonkey got arrested and his blog closed down (somehow) by the Egyptian authorities.

No new twitter updates from him either.


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Mother Effingby said...

Thank you for the update. I got a cached version of his last entry and posted it in full on my blog, just in case it disappears.

Anonymous said...

Who is Sandmonkey and why is he so important?

Anonymous said...

Maybe not to worry -- didn't the Egyptian government close down the internet there?

Don Cox said...

Sandmonkey escaped, but lost his phone and the supplies he was carrying to the demonstrators.

His blog is hosted in the US. It was temporarily closed down because of DDOS attacks from Saudi Arabia. It is now back on line.

Sandmonkey is important because he is one of the 1% of Egyptians with any sense.

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