Thursday, February 24, 2011

Palestinian "Day of Rage" Coming Soon

In typical Palestinian style, the PA has called for a violent "Day of Rage" to express their disappointment with the USA's veto in the UN last week, where the world tried to censure Israel for allowing Jews to build in their homeland.

Palestinian leaders called for a "day of rage" Saturday in the streets of West Bank cities after the US vetoed a UN condemnation of Israeli settlements Friday.

Yasser Abed Rabbo, secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), said the Palestinians would take their resolution to the UN General Assembly.

"Our decision today is to go to the General Assembly of the United Nations to adopt a resolution condemning settlements and asserting their illegality before returning to the Security Council to present a proposed condemnation of settlements," he told AFP.

"The American veto will not prevent us from appealing to international institutions and will not stop our desire for freedom and independence," he said. (YNET)
Commenter Dave wrote it well:

The Palestinians have killed, maimed and brutalized thousands of Israelis including children and they have the gall to want a "Day of Rage"?

The Libyans, Algerians, Bahrainis and who knows how many more have killed and wounded hundreds if not thousands and all the UN can think about is bashing Israel!

What the hell is Israel doing in the UN? It should be called the AIBO - Arab Israel Bashing Organization!
This is typical Palestinian behaviour -- any time they are upset, they rage.
You can be sure that this is exactly how they will act if they ever, G-d forbid, get their own State.




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Bob Miller said...

If Arabs wanted to do something new and different, they would schedule "days without rage".

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, but playing the victim is going out of vogue. The Zionists have killed so many Arab kids that talking about Israeli casualties is almost laughable, the ration is like 1,000 to 1. The entire world knows this, that why the vote in the SC was 14 to 1. Soon the jig will be up, it's only a matter of time. And the Palestinians deserve a year of rage for all the humiliations they've had to endure

Orange and Black said...

you're like a broken record player.

time to be thrown into the garbage.

Orange and Black said...

and why do you care so much anyway? you're not an arab and its not your fight.

so you must just hate the jews.

Anonymous said...

zionist blog

Jonathan said...

I'm Glad we stood up next to our Friend Israel, Even as Aaron held Moses arms my hope is that we will always hold yours Israel.

John H said...

There was no mention of a "violent" day of rage by any Palestinian official. They called for peaceful protests along the lines of the Egyptian protestors - try not to veer too far from reality. I'm a Jew by the way, who lives in Canada and me and my other Jewish friends vary in our opinions on Israel, but we all agree on one thing - the Jewish Settlers should get out of the West Bank and either settle in Israel-proper (i.e. pre-1967 borders) or go back to whatever country they originally came from. Your imaginary "right," based on dusty religious doctrine to Palestinian land needs to be sacrificed for the good of Israel and the entire region.

Tom H. (SNL) said...

or go back to whatever country they originally came from

Jew or Not a Jew?

Not a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Joe (aka Orange and Black)

Your pathetic answers don't stand up to the logic of your commenters.

You're not doing the Zionists much of a service if all you can do is insult people.

Orange and Black said...

yeah joe, the anti-semite's got you pegged.

Shiloh said...

Hey Jameel, I can answer those questions as I too am a Jew from Canuck land. But I am now living on occupied land in Jerusalem. That's right, I occupy my home.

What makes it 'Palestinian' land is that the world has said so since the invention of the imaginary nation back in 67 (some say 64 but what does a few years of history matter in the big picture), so we must be wrong. Didn't someone teach that if a lie is repeated enough, it will become truth. Something like that, oh, wasn't that Hitler?

Past presidents, that's impossible, they just became a democratic imaginary country in just recent times. They voted in Abbas, the president of the invented people. So, that must make him an imaginary president too. Give them a break. Such a minor detail.

The national currency is the Shekel and The US Dollar. Guess we have to abandon that too.

They have a rich history since 67. It's amazing how far the imaginary people have come in such a short time. How dare you question such.

One thing you must mention is the imaginary country singing it's national anthem daily. I have not heard it yet, but the invented people tell me it's really cool and when they finish inventing it they will gladly sing it for us as we do the breast stroke in the sea.

I think the guy has one good point, we should just sacrifice ourselves for the entire region. Why depend on the imaginary nation to do it for us.

Thankfully not all Jews who reside in Canada are so ignorant. And there are even some who returned back to our home in Israel. Who ever knew that returning home would cause the entire world so much greif.

John H said...

Re: Shiloh

Israel was an imaginary country until 1948.

The Arabs have a claim on the land in the occupied territories because they have lived on it, often for several generations - unlike you. Your absurd points about Arabs right to the land being null and void because there was no prior national claim (currency? national anthem?) is beside the point.

"And there are even some who returned back to our home in Israel"

I'm from Canada, with ancestry from Britain and Poland and Spain. Unlike yourself, I have been unable to trace my lineage back to Moses:))
And even if I were, by some miracle, to trace my lineage to Israel, having not lived there for many centuries, I believe I would have the humility to cede my right of return. I'm pretty priveleged to live in a country like Canada and have no moral or finacial reason to live in a conflict zone.

Yochanan said...

Apparently you rage too...

"Day Of Rage": Rightists block Jerusalem-TA highway,7340,L-4037094,00.html

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

yochanan: there's a difference between blocking a road with tires, and throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at civilians.

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