Thursday, February 03, 2011

Who will be the Cholent King?

Liberally translated from the Hebrew, here.

Residents of the Zayit neighborhood in Efrat have decided to organize an evening for "guys' night out."

Program: Who will be the Cholent King of Efrat?

20 kinds of Cholent will compete for the coveted title.

Who will be the judges?
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin -- the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, MK Uri Orbach, and Chairman of ZAKA, Yehuda Meshi-Zahav

The women of the Zayit neighborhood in Efrat, Gush Etzion organized a "womens'-only" evening that included visiting Rachel's Tomb and more. Their husband's felt discriminated against and decided to organize a special evening for men only: An "Iron Chef" competition for the ultimate Cholent: Approximately 20 men will prepare this classic Jewish dish, and they will compete for the coveted title, the "Cholent King of Efrat."

What types of Cholent will they be preparing? Each contestant will cook his recipe from his own personal tradition. Some types include "Chulent in a "Poike", South African Cholent, and Egyptian "Dafini" Cholent.

And the prizes? The first place winner will receive a special apron, captioned "Cholent King of the Zayit Neighborhood of Efrat," while the second place winner will receive a premium bone steak.

Yechiel Fishman, chairman of the Zayit synagogue said: "The "Zayit Ra'anan community is a young, dynamic and vibrant community, and this is just one of many activities throughout the year showing the variety of the human mosaic of our synagogue. This initiative was to test men's cooking skills in the community, for the once a month Kiddushim. The women are the big winners, and we prove that we can also be "Iron Chefs."

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Commenter Abbi said...

The ultimate revenge on the wives. I wouldn't let my husband in the bedroom after that evening activity!

Laura said...

Let's hope the best recipes get shared! Sounds tasty and fun.

Anonymous said...

Good thing ZAKA will be there!

Anonymous said...

Loved this light-hearted and I'm certain, "serious" event blog! With so many "bad" things going on this brought a smile to my face!
Nice to hear pleasant things sometimes...

Neshama said...

Someone please take pics of the chulent dishes for those who cannot be there. Thanks

JoeSettler said...

Who won?

ttv said...

Until now didn't mentioned.

Anonymous said...

This type of competition happens in Chu'L all the time.

Neshama said...

Recipes, recipes, recipes, where are the recipes?
Sephardi regular spicy chulent
Sausage chulent
And the one with beer!
Send to me neshamala@gmail ... Please

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