Monday, February 28, 2011

Grassroots protests around the country

Grassroots protests are popping up around the country in response to the massive police brutality this morning, where Israeli police shot 15 unarmed civilians (many in the back and at close range) with rubber bullets at the Gilad farm in the Shomron.

Seven girls were demonstrating in from of Shai Nitzan's house in Ramot. They have been arrested.

Here are pictures from one protest in Jerusalem.

(Pictures: Yechidat Tatzpit)

Police implementing "Price Tag" policy tomorrow in the Shomron and Binyamin and plan to harass and ticket Jewish drivers.

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Anonymous said...

Go for it. Show Ehud Mubarak that he can't win.

Why isn't Obama calling for him to go?

Anonymous said...

i read reports that stated the structures were being removed from arab owned this not true?

and seems that the border police went right to rubber bullets and did not use gas, as is their custom when it comes to crowd control

so does anyone know who gave the order to allow this?

plus, it is against policy to fire so close to an individual

funny...had this happened to arabs, it wouldve been all over the blogosphere by now.

however, i will not get angry until all the facts are out

NormanF said...

Resist the leftist police goons.

Implement civil disobedience.

They have lost the moral right to demand the people obey them after what they did.

It is time to resist and overcome the great evil in the land!

NormanF said...

Bacci, the structures were on privately owned Jewish land.

The state had no legal right to remove a single Jewish home from it.

To Jews, the lesson is clear: this is a lawless state that tramples on people's basic human rights and acts outside the law.

It is their duty to resist it and change it.

Anonymous said...

Norm, you're right, but until there is enough education, etc. for this point of view to penetrate the average Israeli on the street - who, of course, is still beholden to Kol Yisrael, Maariv, Yediot, etc. - nothing will change. We'll be just a bunch of right-wing fanatic religious Jews. Yes, the truth will out, but it took 40 years for the Arabs to start to wake up, under OBVIOUS dictatorships. In the 60+ years that we've been "independent," we still haven't learned to think critically! When will we wake up???
--Yitz of Yerushalayim

Anonymous said...

some of the statements here belong on leftist jew/israel hating websites

petition the courts

jews must not fight jews...unless those jews are named finkelstein, blumenthal, chomsky, a member of j street or jvp...

nuff said

sometimes, we are our worst enemies

Anonymous said...

This post and the previous one highlight some questions that I've had for a while--can you provide some background/context on this event and the one at the well? Are these settlements legal or illegal? What makes a given settlement legal or illegal? What are the criteria? Prior to a settlement being built, who does the land belong to? If these two settlements are legal, how can these things happen? Etc.
Thanks very much.

JoeSettler said...

We wrote a post about it a while ago that addresses some of the issues.

It needs to be updated at some point with some additional facts and information.

1) Havat Gilad: Havat Gilad is a privately owned property. Unlike
most land "ownership" in Israel, it is not a 50 year renewable lease from the State. Moshe Zar legally purchased the land (along with many other plots) from Arabs, and his ownership is uncontested.

2) Peace House (Hebron): The Peace House in Hebron was purchased outright from its Arab owners through Arab intermediaries. The purchase was documented on film (filmed by hidden camera, we have part of the film up on the blog somewhere) and all documents were properly signed. The former owners subsequently denied selling it to Jews - probably so the PA wouldn't kill them for selling to Jews, as the penalty for selling land to Jews is death in the PA.

All Jewish residents were forcibly removed by the IDF, and the property is currently under IDF occupation.

3) The Defense Minister Signature: Where a settlement gets all the required signatures and permits to build from all the required authorities, except the Defense Ministers who refuses to sign for Israel's territories are the only place in Israel that requires the DM signature for construction.

4) State land: Arabs illegally working State land for an uninterrupted period of 3 (maybe 5) years will effectively acquire ownership of that land after that time. Whereas Jews working State land uninterrupted merely keep the land in the possession of the State.

This is why it is important for Jews to work State land, so at a minimum it remains in the hands of Israel.

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