Wednesday, March 02, 2011

No leftists were shot

60 Jews were permitted to march in Yafo this morning carrying Israeli flags.

Leftists organized a counter protest which turned violent when the leftists injured at least 1 policeman.

No leftist activists were shots, neither in the front nor back. Not by paintballs, FN303s bullets, or tear gas.


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NormanF said...

This is the "dual justice" system in Israel at work.

The leftist police and prosecution have never gone after Far Leftist extremists and Arabs who advocate terrorism, boycotts and Islamism. And they have never used force to terminate anti-Israel protests.

But when it comes to kicking Jews out of their homes, beating and shooting them with wanton brutality and demolishing said homes, Israel has raised selective law enforcement to a high art.

And this is not going to change in the foreseeable future, not after Bibi Peresyahu committed again after the US veto to a Palestinian state and authorized the use of massive force against so-called "illegal" outposts in Yesha.

It is only going to get worse. Count on it.

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