Saturday, March 05, 2011

Pallywood - All the world's a stage

I don't know for how much longer this video will remain up now that it's been exposed as staged, but watch it while you can, and then continue reading the post after you've watched it.

Doesn't look good? Police arresting a child, crying mother banging on the door to let her son go.

But looks can be deceiving in the world of Pallywood (and their useful tools on the left).

CAMERA did an analysis of the video and translated what was really being said in Arabic.

Like most Pallywood videos, they always trip up on the minor details when the actors forget their cues. move around after being "killed", or simply don't know what to do next.

Suddenly it puts the video in a whole new light.

To begin with look back at 11 seconds. The boy appears from nowhere?

No. The camera is perfectly positioned so that the boy (Karim) is hidden by the sign which is pointlessly filming the passing cars for 11 seconds (Mistake #1) so you can't see him throwing the stone at the vehicle, you only see him once he runs out - directly to the camera, as the camerawoman (his sister Nariman al-Tamimi) calls out, "hurry, hurry, hurry". (Mistake #2)

The police then run after the boy (inevitably towards the camera, that "just happened" to have been there filming for no reason at all). (Mistake #3)

The police then place the stone throwing kid in the van (as the sister yells out that she is B'Tselem). The police identify the mother and ask her to join her son in the police van.

At 2:10 you see the mother about to enter the van (Mistake #4) when a man in a black jacket (the director) tells her (in Arabic) not to go in and pulls her away at 2:26. (Mistake #5)

At 2:37 we see the mother on the floor, when the woman in the pink shirt directs her towards the police van where she then bangs on the doors. (Mistake #6)

In short, this entire video was staged and fabricated from beginning to end, with the policemen being he only ones that didn't know that they were in the middle of yet another Pallywood production.

But more so, I'd go as far as to call this child abuse and exploitation on the part of the Palestinians and the Left. They purposefully placed a child in a potentially dangerous situation of throwing stones at moving vehicles and then prevented the boy's mother from being with her child so they could film the scene differently.

The boy was released later in the day when the father went to the police station and was given a warning that if the boy was caught throwing stones at cars again the father would pay a NIS 2000 fine (sounds cheap to me).

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yoni r. said...

Starting at 2:40, it looks like the mother bangs on the door to be let in, and the policeman denies this request. Why? Are the doors on the van specially made to be opened only once in the field and then again only at the station?

I can think of justifications for not letting her on (along the lines of "no second chances", etc.), but they're all pretty weak, especially in view of the fact that there was a camera recording the whole thing.

JoeSettler said...

They probably realized that they were being played after they heard and saw the directors giving the mother instructions and decided to not play their game anymore.

yoni r. said...

If they realized they were being played, they should have let her into the van. By denying her access, they were letting her play her game of "let's make the Israeli police look mean" even longer!

JoeSettler said...

And them she would have acted out longer, with more tears and such, and then she would have refused to go in. There's no end.

But do you understand that the whole thing was staged?

moses said...

Isn't there a way to copy the video before it's taken off youtube and then put it back on youtube with an explanation for all to see?

Rob said...

The truly disturbing problem with this video is the effect that the entire scenario will have on the psyche of the young kid. Without pointing blame at either side (I'm assuming you are correct that the kid was simply a pawn), what can Israel do so that little kid doesn't harbor hate for Israel for the rest of his life? That should be the goal but I have no idea how to achieve it.

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