Friday, March 04, 2011

Anonymity above the law

Presented by Mattot Arim:

A new law is coming up this Sunday (6 March) at 1230 (half past noon).

This important new law says policemen must ALWAYS come to demonstrations with name-tags on. The new law does away with all the "exceptions" in the present law -- exceptions which have caused a situation in which all violent policemen feel free to come to demonstrations without their name tags and to give people -- including old people, children, and pregnant women - a beating.

Above, in the Hebrew section, you will see many links showing and telling about police brutality against our people. You will see policemen shooting people at close range, trampling people with horses, throwing people out of windows, choking people, and so forth, in Gush Katif, Zo Artzeinu, Amona, Havat Gilad and more. Look carefully through the images -- do you see any policemen whatever with name-tags on? Of course not! The violent policeman is an anonymous policeman: the policemen who shot at the community of Havat Gilad this week, for example, were not only tag-less, but even masked!

Sunday's law will usher in a new, better, kinder, safer era in the history of the Israeli police. But for that we need ministers to vote FOR, on Sunday at 1230.

Please contact or SMS the relevant ministers either today-Friday, Saturday night or Sunday till about 1230 or 1300 -- see list of cell phone numbers above!! - and ask them to vote in favor of (for) this law. Here's one example of a possible SMS you might send (and sign your name!)


Thanks very much for your important help -- from Mattot Arim

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NormanF said...

Jameel and Joe - what makes you think Israel's leftist police will obey the law - or do you really think Israel's leftist prosecution will enforce it?

Dream on - the law in Israel applies only to the Little People, like you.

And that won't change for the foreseeable future.

Eitan said...

Hey Jameel,

Check out my latest blog! I'm linking to you! Shavua tov from Chicago!

Anonymous said...

It is a good question - if they aren't wearing nametags then how can they be prosecuted for not wearing nametags? What recourse will there be?

By the way why is it the same small group of MK's to SMS - why this list?

Anonymous said...

Fence Sitters

roland said...

It is now monday. What happened in this vote? I see nothing about it online.



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