Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Headlines

The Left-leaning Bnei Hamoshavim youth movement is planning to build a new settlement for its graduates in the Jordan Valley. The movement's leader says his actions will be legal and follow all the regulations of the law. He somehow differentiates between the Jordan Valley and Judea/Samaria, as he doesn't consider the Jordan Valley to be beyond the Green Line (I don't know how that works geographically). He believes that living in the Jordan Valley is important for Israel.

Just goes to show that it's all about ideology.

Hamas says it plans to continue/resume attacks in Judea/Samaria. Honestly, despite all the efforts to reunite Fatah and Hamas, there is very little difference between them anyway, just tactics.

Speaking of tactics, a bus near Maale Efraim was damaged last night apparently by gunfire (trying to confirm this) and the army found Arabs with a number of pipe bombs on them approaching a checkpoint.

83% of Likud members are against the formation of another "Palestinian" state and more territorial concessions. Is this a sign that there is some sanity left in the Likud party, despite Bibi's latest?

Egyptians are claiming that seized documents indicate that the 2005 Sharm El-Sheik bombings were perpetrated by Gamal Mubarak after his commission on gas sales to Israel was cut. Explosive stuff if true

The government is giving some 200,000 dunams (50,000 acres) of illegally occupied land to the Bedouins that are occupying it, and also paying them off to boot.

A.B. Yehoshua claims that Jews settling the Negev can solve many of Israel's problems. He himself is proud that he has managed to convince some of his family to join him in the Negev for a weekend music festival he will be attending. But no, he has no plans to move to the Negev himself, that's for other people to do (perhaps the Bedouins?).

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