Monday, March 21, 2011

Purim Humor from the Palestinian Authority

There are reports that Arabs from Beit Lechem entered the "outpost" of Mitzpe Avichai near Kiryat Arba and tried to burn it down. The residents there chased the Arabs out and heavily damaged their car. The army was subsequently called in.

Near Hebron (Beit Omer) Arabs were stoning Israeli vehicles that were driving by. One Israeli driver got out and shot 2 of the stone throwers, lightly wounding them.

The Palestinian Authority is complaining, stating that the PA holds the Israeli government responsible for these acts of settler violence.

You just can't make this stuff up.

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Anonymous said...

and JPost is calling these Price Tag attacks by settlers!

Anonymous said...

The settlers should shoot to kill. Then claim they were under attack and defended themselves.

There's multiple cases and evidence to use for them to defend any legal action.

Lakewood Falling Down said...

Haven't commented in a while. I would like to please see a "Muqata contest" (with a "no prize" given of course) for a more appropriate name than "settlers". It has such negativity associated with it. Liberal thinking? Perhaps, but possibly worth a shot.

JoeSettler said...


Shimshonit said...

"Human beings?" ("Jews" has so much negativity associated with it.)

Anonymous said...

How about: Jews who knowingly break international law by illegally occupying land which has never been officially annexed to their country, for many years encouraged to do so bysuccessive Israeli governments who turned a blind eye while fringe lunatic movements mushroomed on the hilltops and now scapegoat them for all of Israel's problems?

You can't make THIS stuff up.

JoeSettler said...

Someone clearly doesn't know that Purim is over until next year.

Anonymous said...

The better term for "settlers" is "villagers"

As in, we drove past an arab village, and came upon a Jewish village next door. The villagers are working hard to grow organic farms.

Avraham said...

Ok, here's my question for Jameel and Joe: are there non-self-defense price tag attacks against random arabs in Yehuda and Shomron or are these all myths? Don't get me wrong, I identify with the YeSha community more than any other and I tend to agree with the contents of this blog 99% of the time. But as we consistently hold the Palestinians accountable (and rightly so) for not seriously condemning attacks on innocent civilians, is it not incumbent on us to condemn attacks on random arabs? Thanks.

JoeSettler said...

What we know at the moment is that there has been a significant surge in Arab attacks on Jews (against civilians, police and soldiers) recently that is going mostly unreported (and not all over the "green line").

And we know that a few events labeled as "price tag" attacks were definitely self-defense against these Arab attacks.

In a few days Jameel will have a better answer as to whether or not there really are (any/some/many) "price tag" attacks occurring or not. If the information isn't classified, we'll post what we can.

In answer to your question:

It is the job of the army, police and government to strongly and proactively deter and prevent these Palestinian attacks (not to mention prevent their land grabs of State land).

The only time Israeli civilians should use weapons against Palestinians is in self-defense as permitted by Israeli law.

Avraham said...

Thanks Joe!

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