Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jerusalem bombing of Bus near Jerusalem Convention Center

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11:59 PM Woman identified by police. Name not released.

More pictures from the terror attack today.

8:31PM Woman killed in bus bombing still remains unidentified. She might be a foreign worker or visitor to Israel.

At the Muqata we are wondering if this attack is related to the attack in Gilo 2 weeks ago where a sanitation worker was injured in a bomb explosion.

4:41 PM Multiple wounded currently undergoing surgery - all with shrapnel injuries.

4:38 PM
Kiosk owner near bus stop called police to report suspicious object at the bus stop. While on the phone with the police the bomb exploded.

4:31 PM
Bomb was approximately 4 pounds (1-2 Kilos) and filled with shrapnel.

4:01 PM Unconfirmed reports of at least 3 dead.

3:55PM Police say it was not a suicide bomber. Bomb was apparently placed in the bus stop.

3:38PM More wounded found 200 meters from blast site.

Jewish driver shot at 12:30PM near Revava in the Shomron. (YNET says that dead body was found in Revava).

Unconfirmed report that it was a bomb in the bus stop. Trying to confirm this.

3:21PM Around 15 minutes ago a bus exploded in front of Binyanei HaUma (Jerusalem Convention Center). More detail to follow.

Bus #74 blown up in (suicide?) bombing.
30 people wounded.

Medical personnel being evacuated due to threat of additional bomb on site.

Phone lines have crashed around the country (but seem to be up again).

Southern Command have places South at highest alert level. Barrage of rocket attacks expected.

Police concerned that a suspected second bomber is walking around the area.

Police checking all cars parked there for additional bombs.

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Anonymous said...

it seems the terrorist blew himself up outside of the #74 bus and about 20 people were injured

Yishai said...

rumor is that it was not a suicide bomber, but a bomb left on the street next to a kiosk.

Zahava said...

why is sky saying 2 people might have been killed? please, please tell me this isn't true

Anonymous said...

MDA is reporting NO ONE died, however, 4 possible critical injuries.

Please remember this is all breaking news, and the story will become clear in a little while.

Isreview said...

The bomb was in the phone booth near the Kiosk - the bus did not "explode" - so far I am hearing it was not a suicide bomber - the terrorist left the suitcase in the phone booth .

PsychoToddler said...

Just texted Kovi. He said there were bombings in Ashdod and Beer Sheva too? Can't confirm.

Critically Observant Jew said...

PT: Katyusha attacks - see previous post on muqata

NormanF said...

Its still easy to smuggle bombs into Jerusalem. The barrier in the Jerusalem area is still not completely finished and won't be for several years but there's no doubt it saved hundreds of lives.

It could easily have been a bloodbath today. That construction needs to be sped up.

As for the terror attacks in the South, Hamas apparently is forgetting the lessons it learned in Operation Cast Lead. While Jews can be dense at times, they at least know right from wrong.

The Arabs have not made any moral progress since they came to Islam. As long as they think the way they do, they will pay the price for living in moral darkness.

Anonymous said...

These people who commit these attrocities are evil demented monsters. (this is my subtle version - what I would really like to say, isn't fit for gentle ears).
Israel, you are all in my thoughts.

Hazel said...

This is so sad. My heart goes out to the victims' families and friends. Sometimes, even using a mobile phone could trigger a bomb, whether or not you're using a phone card australia to make a connection.

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