Saturday, March 05, 2011

Jewish baby injured in violent Leftwing protest

On Friday at Ir David (Shiloach), 3 Leftists were arrested after some rioter slingshotted a Jewish baby with a marble. Leftist troublemaker Arik Ascherman was at the scene.

I happen to have one of these marbles at home. My neighbor's car windows were shattered by a few the other week. They're not your usual marbles, but are actually unusually large and heavy.

I have no updates as to the condition of the baby, but the baby was treated at home.

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Anonymous said...

THe article says it was palestinians who did it, not "leftists".

JoeSettler said...

I said the rioters hurt the baby.

It's becoming clear to all that the Left are typically the instigators and directors of many of these "spontaneous" riots. The Palestinians are merely pawns and tools.

And of course there's Ascherman, he's got a history of somehow constantly being where confrontation is...

NormanF said...

The leftists are going to be treated by the authorities with kid gloves.

Jewish baby? What Jewish baby?

Never forget, its the settlers who are evil and need to stopped with beatings, shootings, demolitions and deprivation of rights.

Now you know why the land is cursed with injustice and everything evil that happens in the sight of G-d, including harm inflicted on innocent little Jewish babies, happens there!

Nothing in this world is random or happens by mere chance or coincidence. Unless Jews wake up and walk justly with their G-d, they will lose their country.

Yes, for the harm done to the children of Zion by those who should be their shepherds!

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