Sunday, March 13, 2011

Funeral for the Fogel Family @ 13:30, Jerusalem

Update: Jameel is currently at the funeral. He reports thousands of people there. The entrance to the city is closed. People are standing in the streets outside the cemetery listening to the eulogies on the radio.

At 1:30 PM eulogies will be said at the main center of Givat Shaul Cemetery - Jerusalem.


Deputy Prime Minister MK Moshe Yalon
Knesset Chair MK Reuven Rivlin
Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv - Yafo Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau
Former Chief Rabbi of IDF Rabbi Avi Ronsky
Representative of the Fogel family
Representative of Ben Yishai family (of Ruth)
Shomron Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika

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Anonymous said...

"of Givat Shaul Cemetery -"is that Har Menuchot?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Yes it is.

anon said...

After R. Lau, Chief Rabbi Metzger spoke.
There were a few relatives that spoke including Ruth's father, Udi's mother, two of Ruth's brothers, and Udi's brother.

NormanF said...

One can't helped but be moved and tragedy makes all Israel one family.

The purest sacrifices to G-d are the holy servants of His people. In their deeds and in their life, they set an example for the rest and even the littlest ones shone with His light.

On that day, when they tell their children about the funeral they went to serve as witnesses to Heaven, they can say: "I came in full of sorrow and sadness and weeping and I saw with my own eyes how pure, strong and brave the Holy Ones Of Israel were and I said to you, my children: May be you be like Yoav, Elad and Hadass. May you be as courageous as their sister Tamar, who discovered them in their deaths and made them known in Israel. May you grow up strong and be with G-d and spread His light over all the earth and bring an end to the Evil Ones. I have not been able to do it but you must now see to all that which G-d has charged you with and do it, in His Name and in the name of the martyrs and all the generations who came before and all the generations who will follow. My children: Go with G-d!"

Bracha said...

Is there something you can do about the wording of the automatic links at the end of each posting. Thsi one ends with: "You might also like: Jewish family massacred by Palestinian Terorists, The Fogel Funeral, Terror update in Hebron (updated) "

Can you change it to "you might also want to read" or "find of interest"

It is so gruesome, that the irnoy of the way it appears , like an everyday item , hurts to be read.

JoeSettler said...

I checked. It's a generic widget from linkedwithin that doesn't let you alter anything.

If you know of a different/better one that is blogger compatible we'll check it out.

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