Monday, March 07, 2011

Who's the Dog?! Pallywood Productions

The Supreme Court heard Saturday [Jameel: YNET meant today, Monday] testimonies by reserve soldiers who appealed against Arab actor and director Mohammad Bakri, claiming that his film 'Jenin Jenin' is libelous.

The court debate saw accusations tossed between the attorney representing the soldiers, Yisrael Kaspi, who said Bakri was being paid by Israel's enemy. "You are wandering dogs," Bakri yelled at the soldiers. Security guards were forced to intervene to prevent clashes.

Justice Miriam Naor suggested at first that the defendant apologize to the plaintiffs, telling Attorney Avigdor Feldman to "check with Bakri if he is willing to say that he made a film which is not a documentary and, in light of the court's findings, apologize before the plaintiffs".

Despite his initial refusal, Bakri agreed to apologize to the plaintiffs "if they were offended" and to remove the label of 'documentary' from his film. YNET
The Jenin Jenin slander-filled mockumentary was shown around the world as "testimony" to "war crimes" which never happened. The IDF's "Defensive Shield" (Chomat Magen) operation at the height of the Intifada resulted in IDF incursions into terrorist-infested towns around the West Bank to search out the Fatah, Hamas, and PA "policemen" who were responsible for murderous terrorist attacks around Israel.

In March 2002, some 130 Israelis were murdered in Palestinian terror attacks culminating in the Passover massacre in a Netanya hotel, which killed 29.

Israel finally started to fight back militarily, and the Palestinian Authrotiy launched a media counterattack. PA spokesman Saeb Erekat announced to the world that Israeli forces had massacred "over 500 civilians" in Jenin -- a figure later rounded down to the 52 Palestinians, most of them armed combatants, who were actually killed. Twenty-three Israeli soldiers also died in the fighting -- a direct result of the fact that Israel refrained from bombing or shelling targets in the camp for fear of harming civilians. (source)

Human rights NGOs investigated the "massacre" and to the Palestinians surprise (and the UN's chagrin) -- there had been no massacre in Jenin and that the Palestinian claims were entirely baseless.

Since "truth" is not part of the PA's lexicon, the PA funded a Pallywood production -- paying Palestinian filmmaker Muhammad Bakri to invent the film "Jenin, Jenin" -- a propaganda film that enraged Israeli soldiers. Some of those soldiers shown in still footage in the film sued Bakri for libel.

The court suggested today that Bakri apologize...
The soldiers, however, refused to accept the judge's suggestion and demanded that the film be re-edited. "We were harmed very badly and the mark of Cain branded on our foreheads. We were described as murderers and Nazis and this trial cannot end with an apology and not compensation," Kaspi said.

He also accused Bakri of colluding with Israel's enemies. "You describe us as Nazis. Until you apologize and ask for our forgiveness you have no place here," the attorney for the prosecution said, nearly causing a brawl which security guards were forced to prevent.

"I am not sorry for anything," Bakri asserted as the hearing began. "This is my belief, this is what I saw, and I have no regrets. Those who should have regrets are the IDF, the Shin Bet, and the prime minister, who are persecuting me." YNET
Well, at least we know who the dog is.

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Orange and and Black said...

looks like the judge was afraid to give a real ruling

Anonymous said...

Can't they sue for compensation for their pictures being used in the movie?

Anonymous said...

didnt he libel the entire idf?

how were only a few soldiers able to bring this to court?

and this man is a true piece of work

but i love his defense...since you never see him speaking on the film, he cant be sued for libel...his attys must have gotten their law degrees from the back of a matchbook

JoeSettler said...

From what I understand, the soldier's who sued were pictured in the movie.

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