Monday, February 07, 2011

Livni's Kosher "Style" Values

Today, Kadima Party Leader Tzipi Livni gave her keynote address at the 11th annual Herzliya Conference, and she presented her vision for Israel's future.

She expounded on her vast knowledge of Judaism, when she declared:

"The two-state solution is not a favor to Americans or something we're giving to the Palestinians as a favor or out of weakness," Livni said. "The two-state solution is part of our values as a Jewish State." (JPost)

I think she meant, "Jewish Style" values. Sort of like "Kosher Style".

For food to be considered "Kosher" it needs to meet the many standards of complex Jewish laws, which are based on laws and traditions thousands of years old.

For those who don't want to bother with preparing and eating food that's actually Kosher, there's also "Kosher Style" -- which is usually food that isn't Kosher at all, but satisfies one's cultural conscience, that the food they are eating is somehow connected to something Jewish.

WikiPedia adds:
Jews who adhere strictly to the laws of Kashrut will not eat at Kosher style establishments. Furthermore, the fact that such establishments appear to be Kosher can be deceptive to Jews who are visiting an unfamiliar city and are looking for Kosher food. Furthermore, many of these establishments are also open on the Jewish sabbath for business when this is forbidden by Jewish Law.
A two-state solution isn't any more of a Jewish value, than a cheese hamburger is Glatt Kosher.

You can argue in favor of a two-state solution from many angles, but calling it a "Jewish value" is simply factually incorrect, and devoid of any historical, religious, or Biblical background. Calling a non-kosher deli sandwich "Kosher" doesn't magically make it Kosher.

As with "Kosher style", Livni's statements can be deceptive to Jews who are looking for Judaism.

And for the record, the JPOST didn't release this story in a vacuum. It was provided as a Kadima PR service, "Brought to you by the United States Embassy, Tel Aviv, Public Affairs Office" (see bottom of the JPost article)

Note: I have no idea if the above pictured "Shapiro's Kosher Style" eatery is Kosher or not. I would guess it's not.

Hat-tip: Robert K.

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1 comment:

NormanF said...

If its not prepared in accordance with Jewish law, its not kosher.

Kosher style isn't the real McCoy.

As for Livni's statement, there are many arguments one can make for a two state solution but to assert Jewish values mandate it is simply dishonest.

There is no rule anywhere in the Torah I've aware of that commands the Jews to share their sovereignty with other peoples in the Land. I was always under the impression it was a Jewish birthright.

Then again, when is the last time Livni read the Torah? My guess is she's as familiar with it as with people who think kosher style food is authentic Jewish cuisine.

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