Friday, June 17, 2011

Explosion in Netanya

Friday June 17: Security video from inside the cafe as the gas leak exploded.

Firemen taking out Sifrei Torah from the shul that was in the building.
(Photo: George Ginzberg)

We are updating this post as details come in. There is a lot of confusion and unknowns still at this point.

34 dead, 15 36 wounded in explosion in "Cafe London"(?) (or Yotvata) apartment in Netanya in Kikar Atzmaut.

Explosion occurred just after midnight.

(In 2003 Cafe London was targeted by a suicide bomber.)

The cause of this explosion is NOT known at this point. It may be "mob" related hit. It may have been a gas balloon that blew up.

Police now suspect a gas leak in a 3rd floor apartment caused the explosion. Police have arrested at least one suspect they believe may have cut a gas line.

The 4 story building is in danger of collapse from the explosion.

In other news, a Grad missile was launched Thursday night from Gaza. No injuries as it landed in an open field.

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Anonymous said...

There is an amazing photo on Ynet of 'anshei hatzalah' carrying sifrei torah away from the scene of the accident where a synagogue ('Shevet Achim') was located.

JoeSettler said...

Please post the link.

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