Saturday, June 18, 2011

Naama Shafir to Play!

When we last reported it, Naama Shafir wasn't going to be allowed to play in the European Women's Basketball Championship games because she wore a t-shirt under her Jersey for Tzniut (modesty) reasons.

But now the Israel Basketball Association and FIBA have reached a compromise where Naama will be allowed to play, but instead of a t-shirt, she'll have to wear a skin-toned sleeves (perhaps a lycra top?).

I'm not sure how that will look, but if we get a picture we'll post it.

Good luck Naama. Good luck Israel.

source: Ha'aretz

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josh said...

Skin-toned sleeves? Why doesn't she just wear a full-body skin coloured lycra bodysuit? That probably will get the rabbincal approval.

Guillermo said...

since the rule is that everybody in the team has to have the same uniform, the correct thing would have been for all the team to wear a tshirt under.

Anonymous said...

why couldn't all members of the team put on tee shirts?
Then no one could have protested!!

Gee a Moron said...

If the team had put on tee shirts they would have forfeited the game. The rules say both teams have to be dressed consistently.

At this point the bigger shame is that the team as a whole played mediocre basketball and lost to the Czechs by a large margin.

Anonymous said...

imho - i think the point is not to post the picture.
if she is doing this for modesty reasons then im sure posting the picture defeats the purpose just a little....
however, i do think it is a big kiddush hashem on her part. props.

josh said...

it is not a kiddush hashem to perform in front of a mixed crowd in non-modest dress.

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