Monday, June 13, 2011

More offshore gas on the way

Uzi Landau (Minister for National Infrastructure) has given the order to develop the Noa offshore gas field.

This field's development was held up as it was feared that part of the field straddles or overlaps the offshore territories that we gave away to the Arabs in Gaza (are they part of the PA, or are they not?).

Noble Energy studied the fields and determined in the end that the field doesn't spill over.

The field will be tapped for short term/immediate emergency use as Egyptian supplied gas has become unreliable.

There is an estimated 1.2 Billion cubic meters of gas in this field.

Source: JPost.

There's nothing like self-sufficiency.

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NormanF said...

Egypt has quietly resumed natural gas deliveries to Israel but I wouldn't expect them to continue beyond September. Israel needs a contingency plan and this is a good move.

I appreciate it when Smart Jews in Israel make sure the Stupid Jews don't take credit to which they aren't entitled. Like here.


Anonymous said...

With all that natural gas, why are you and I still paying 7.5 NIS for a liter of gas (approximately $8/gallon) ? And as it turns out, "A Better Place" isn't priced in Israel to be such a nice place after all.

We shouldn't be confused with "Energy self-sufficient" and lower prices. As we reach peak-oil, the price of natural gas will also increase. As a result, we should expect energy prices in Israel to rise as a function of the cost of living index.

Anonymous said...

Natural gas <> gasoline

Anonymous said...

Or for those of you who prefer c++:

natural gas != gasoline

JoeSettler said...

The biggest problem with a better place is that they are essentially building a government sanctioned monopoly.

Most of the natural gas fields haven't been hooked up yet. As for the price they will set for Israel, one can still hope it will be (well) below international market prices,

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with a better place is that car batteries, like laptop batteries, lose their ability to charge over a few years, then you need to shell out thousands of dollars for a new one.

If that problem was fixable then the one of the computer companies would have figured it out by now. There is room for a little more improvement, but the laws of physics prevent battery powered cars from being cost competitive.

Eventually we will all drive natural gas cars.

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