Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Jerusalem 1948 - The Jewish Naqba

Everyone talks about the Nakba, but no one ever stops to think about what the Jews of Jerusalem went through when 5 Arab states and the local Arabs attacked the fledgling Jewish state to destroy it. Jerusalem was divided. Jews were kicked out of their homes with nothing more than what they could carry on their backs.

The Jews of Jerusalem became refugees.

I received an email today from Hadar-Israel with reprints of old Life Magazine photographs taken by John Phillips in May and June 1948. I share them with you. (Life Magazine's Pictures of Jerusalem 1948 - all photos by John Phillips © Time Inc., Courtesy of

Jerusalem Girl Fleeing from the Arab onslaught.

Jerusalem Jews evacuating their homes in 1948 - not to be able to return until 1967.

Not everyone could escape the Arabs in time and were forced to surrender.

The Red Cross helping Jewish refugees forced to flee from the Arab occupation of Jerusalem.

A Jewish refugee from the Old City after the Arabs occupied it.

Jews fleeing their home through Zion Gate.

Photo of Jews waiting to be evacuated from their homes in the Old City.

What the Arabs did to the Jewish homes and neighborhood after the Jews were evacuated.

Jameel Updates: I found that these are part of a huge collection, all originally posted on the Ben-Atlas Blog: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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NormanF said...

That is the situation the world wants Israel to return to as though as the Judenrein eastern Jerusalem created by the illegal Jordanian occupation between 1948-1967 had any legal meaning under international law. Jews must be deprived of their right to live in their own capital for one reason only: they are Jews.

Anti-Semitism, you say? Yes but no one admits a Jewish Nakba happened in Jerusalem 63 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I never considered this. I knew that Jews were expelled from Arab countries after 1948, but I never contemplated that there were Jewish refugees in Israel from Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out these conveniently forgotten truths in Jewish history. Besides the old city, neighboring Kvar Ha-shiloach (Ir David), which had been re-settled by Yeminite Jews in the late 1800's was also overrun by Arab armies in 1948. The Jews of Gush Etzion never even made it out alive. On May 13, 1948 the entire population (apprx. 250) were massacred by the Arab Legion.

MiriamS said...

These are more like Tisha B'Av pictures...

JoeSettler said...

Yesterday being Jerusalem Day, no one seems to realize why we had to recapture the Old City, and how many Jews lost their homes and lives in the 1948 Naqba caused by the Arab nation.

Meir, Ariel said...

But we've returned to Jerusalem. The point of their nakba is that they're still suffering 60 years later.

What's closer to nakba from our point of view would be the 1929 massacres that expelled Jews and made new "Arab areas", like Chevron, the Arab quarter and other places.

keren said...

you can read a moving decription of this in the book by Puah Steiner which was translated into English, about her childhood, growing up in the old city and .
she tells how they gathered their things together in pillow cases and had to walk out of J-m on Friday night itself.
she was given her grandmother's silver candles sticks to carry in a pillow case. An Arab helped her to carry it and then ran off with the candlesticks
This is very very moving to read.
Her father was taken prisoner by the Jordanians.
The link below you can hear people who were children at the time talking about this

just found this link:

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