Sunday, June 21, 2009

Death by Peace Now

There are a ridiculous number of serious traffic accidents and fatalities on the roads in Judea and Samaria, the majority of them involve Arab drivers driving at high speeds or dangerously.

That the Arabs are involved and the cause of the majority of the traffic accidents is well documented (and this includes Arab-on-Arab accidents).

But with so many accidents one would think that something would be done to reduce the insane speeds these Arab drivers drive at on these roads, so as to reduce the accidents and fatalities.

In fact that has been attempted.

The Gush Etzion council has been fighting to install a traffic circle on the Tekoa-60 road just before Efrat (where many accidents happen) as well as on the 60 road. These traffic circles would save lives (primarily Arab lives in fact).

But installing the traffic circle on Tekoa-60 would require the appropriation of a few meters of empty, undeveloped and unfarmed land along side the road that happens to be owned by Arabs.

Furthermore, the traffic circle on 60 would completely alleviate the traffic jam that primarily affects the Arabs from Beit Lechem traveling to Hebron (as well as removing their risk of driving into oncoming traffic - which has killed and injured more than a a few of them).

Enter Peace Now.

Peace Now weighed the value of an Arab land-owner being forced to sell a portion of his land alongside the highway so a traffic circle can be installed, to be of higher value than building a traffic circle that would save many lives (particularly Arab ones) and prevent serious traffic jams – and this went as far as the Supreme Court.

What a strange value system they have.

Meanwhile the land stays empty, and the deaths build up and Arab traffic piles up.

What have they really accomplished?

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NormanF said...

Peace Now is so anti-Israel it will not allow public improvements to be made even when they would benefit Arabs.

That's a strange value system and its not bringing about peace now between Jew and Arab in Israel indeed.

Neshama said...

What about placing those "slow down bumps in the road" where one would have put the circle? Of course, with a "slow down sign" about 50 ft before the area? Does anyone know if those 'bumps' would work in Israel?

PS That's a great title, and greater definition of their ways: "Death by Peace Now" !

Unknown said...

Peace now wants to take down the state of Israel.Therefor to them NOTHING else matters.

LB said...

Neshama, speed bumps do exist in Israel, but they are usually on residential roads. Route 60 is closer to a highway than residential road. Besides - those speed bumps would be "illegal construction" as well.

Anonymous said...


Saturn said...

Anyone - like Peace Now - ever hear of the "Doctrine of Imminent Domain".

Presumably, P.N. would argue that since the Govt. of Israel (GOI (!?)) is illegally governing, it could not exercise said doctrine.

No doubt the courts of GOI would agree with them.


shir said...

Saturn: It's "eminent domain"

BTW traffic circles are not harmless either, just a few weeks ago a young Jewish woman from Hevron was killed at (IIRC) tzomet hagush, by an Arab who did not yield as required.

LB said...

shir - the issue is not whether or not a traffic circle is foolproof, but whether it will lead to a decline in the number of accidents.

JoeSettler said...

shir: She was not killed near the traffic circle at Tzomet Hagush. She was killed on 60 near the Northern entrance to Efrat.

That is exactly where they want to put the traffic circle as a lot of accidents happen there.

The Arab driver was in the right lane (which ends and is supposed to turn right). She was in the left lane going straight.

He decided to go straight (there's only room for one car in the lane) and slammed her car left. Both hit the islands. Her car flew and slammed across the highway and killed her.

Anonymous said...

Oy. Peace Now is like VEGAN.

Yes, there are nuts out there who only eat leaves and fruits. In a modern world, they curse the ease where you can buy all sorts of foods in a supermarket.

Basically, it must be a part of human nature to look at the nuts and point.

There's no other reason to discuss the views of a few. Even if those few are supported by George Soros.

Israel's in good hands, now!

Bibi is in Italy. At the G-8. And, with the skill of a pro tennis player, he takes those stupid mottos and calls them out as coming from people who interfere with peace.

It's a process. For what it's worth. Like cheese. It's uniform. And, for some it's the glue they insert into hot hamburgers.

I am not impressed.

But I am impressed with a FREE COUNTRY. Where there's freedom of speech; and you recognize this because you'll hear things you hate.

(A very interesting piece, today, in the British Spectator; in raising the question "why is iran attacking England?" The answer is that they're crazy religious lunatics know that England has the most Hezbollah sleeper cells. Perhaps? The mullahs want the attention in iran to die down. Maybe? They'll shoot for London?


You have no idea the mischief those death cultist arabs can get into. While we are in for a long, hot summer. Blessings on Netanyahu's head.

Anonymous said...


Charge more for gasoline, and you'll find a better solution than "building a traffic circle."

What's more remarkable is that freaks of nature, can join these "piss groups." And, get funded.

You didn't think these kids just appeared out of the blue.

Nothing will change until the arabs toss this garbage out. And, the arabs won't doing any heavy lifting, unless the price of gas is prohibitive. Heck, it's a fluid that won't always be available, either!

While bad driving habits, alas, can be embedded. As it is out where I live, when driving through Chinatown, you're not even safe in the parking lots. (That this is a broad generalization?) Yes. And, it's true.

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