Friday, June 19, 2009

Jameel's Newest Venture-

Want to help us with some market research. Our dear friend and intrepid blogger Jameel never misses an opportunity to work on building his empire of waffles and more. At the moment he is away doing some market research and analysis, but perhaps we can draw upon the wisdom of crowds and offer some help.

Actually I can assure you that Joe Settler and I would really appreciate it as we're bone tired and weary of working on the various secret Muqata projects. At the moment we are preparing some new marketing materials for a line of t-shirts that will be sold throughout the J-Blogosphere.

What we need is a tagline and some art work to go along with this:

Jumping Jameel's Juke Joint

So friends, have at it, what do you think we should add? Joe and I have a few ideas, but let's see if you take it in the same or a different direction.


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SuperRaizy said...

What's a juke?

Gee a Moron said...

A juke, in Israeli Hebrew slang is a cockroach.

Many years ago, on a trip to NY, I entered a Sears store in a mall with my then 10 year old son to buy him some clothing. The boys department had been recently redecorated with a rock-n-roll motif. My son saw a refrigerator-sized electronic contraption that was part of the decor and asked me what it was. Without much thought I answered, "a jukebox". He was immediately on the floor laughing hysterically. I guess to him a jukebox was the same thing as a Roach Motel.

ProfK said...

If you're marketing across the blogosphere, juke isn't going to make it in the US--most haven't seen one or have any idea of what it is. As to the Israeli "jukim," are you sure you want to market something that ties eating together with cockroaches? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Super Raizy,
Go google jukebox. A juke joint (US) was (is) a bar, etc that has one or more juke boxes...

SuperRaizy said...

OK, now I feel like an idiot.
I know what a jukebox is, and I know that "juke" is Hebrew for cockroach.
To redeem myself, I offer the following suggestion:
The artwork for your t-shirts can feature a cool looking cockroach smoking a cigarette, snapping his fingers, and dancing to the music coming out of a jukebox. (see the California Raisins for inspiration). Of course, it would work better if you switched the words around to read "Jameel's Jumping Juke Joint" (after all, what's really jumping- Jameel or the joint?)

Jack Steiner said...

Ok, I totally forgot about "Juke" so that presents an issue. Can't have the waffle King associated with them now can we. ;)

Your Correspondent said...

Forget the Juke. People will think it means Jew and accuse you of anti-semitism. Or something.

Joints have arthritis or marijuana. No go.

I offer:

"Jameel's Pretty Good Establishment"

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