Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama threatens Israel (again)

JoeSettler here.

The New York Times is reporting that the US is threatening Israel with dropping its Security Council Veto protection in the UN if Israel doesn't begin to toe the Obama line.

That will effectively align the US's positions in the UN with all the other 3rd world, dictatorial, and anti-Semitic nations that frequently abuse the UN's platform to attack Israel.

This comes as no surprise to us at the Muqata, which has constantly viewed the UN as the unique opportunity for countries to demonstrate (or not) the morality, ethics, and principles of their governments and leaders – particularly through their positions on Israel.

It is unfortunate that Obama has decided to align the US with regimes such as Syria, Pakistan, Egypt and even Libya, and furthermore (once again) attempt to create linkage between (in this case) a political disagreement and the basic abuse of the UN platform to disseminate Antisemitism.

But as Obama was willing to link the survival of Israel against a nuclear Iran to Jewish homes, the UN is just small game.

But as Ben Gurion famously said, "UM Shmum".

Or as Prime Minister Netanyahu said today, "[We won't] freeze [Jewish] life in Judea and Samaria."

And we can't agree more.

As for you Jews in America, time to start waking up to the new world order under Obama.

And if you are really bored, go to Google and look up "Obama Preventive Detention".

But whatever you do, don't try to find out what Rush Limbaugh might have to say about it.

Obama has already told Republicans to stop listening to him, and you're next.

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NormanF said...

Um Shmum is right. So its news that the US is going to join with Israel's enemies if she does not submit to American blackmail? This people - Jews - stood up twice to the Roman Empire. And Israeli Jews are not going to agree to stop having children to please a Jew-hating West that has stopped reproducing itself. The Jews will be around long after the latter has disappeared into the mists of time. Indeed, where are the Romans now?

Neshama said...

Well, that's where O belongs, with his UN friends. Someone should tell paraoh that we left Mitzrayim a long time ago, and we don't need him to tell us what to do, we have the King of the Word on our side. Just say "NO" to "O"

Aaron K. said...


Nathan Diament, Director of the Institute for Public Affairs of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, is calling for a palestinian state. Last week, in an op-ed piece for the June 5 issue of the Jewish Daily Forward, he wrote of the need for uniting American Jewry regarding Israel and the peace process (by accepting Pres. Obama's stand on a 2 state solution). He also wrote, “Many on the Jewish right… do not oppose - in principle - the creation of a Palestinian state in portions of Judea and Samaria."
Diement did not tell the truth. A Brain Base Institute telephone survey concluded 51% Oppose Palestinian State, 32% Support.
I would have expected a liberal or leftist Jew to back the US administration's attempt to impose a palestinian state. But a Director of Public Affairs of the OU? I have no doubt that the highly salaried Director , Nathen Diment, has forgotten that he is but a hired employee and was never elected by either the Orthodox population nor selected by the synagogues affiliated with the OU to be our spokesman.
By echoing Pres. Obama's & Sectrary Clinton's one sided demands, Nathen Diement is undermining Israel's ability to defend itself. The more Obama's foreign policy falters, the more the US administtration will pressure Israel to establish a palestinian state whose goal is the destruction of Israel. Obama & Clinton will also try to topple the Netayahu gov't.
The question is whether Orthodox Jewry, Religious Zionist Jewry, will respond by having their shuls contact the OU and demand that the OU repudiate Diement's dangerous comments even to the point of the removal of this individual. If the OU fails to respond in a positive manner, shuls must reconsider their affiliation to the OU. Afterall, if an OU Director came out with an opinion that was clearly was detrimental to the Orthodox way of life, shuls would be in revolt. The question now is how will shuls respond to this. The OU needs shul affiliation more than shuls need the OU.
The question is whether Orthodox Jews really care about Israel or is it only lip service. The great Zionist prophet, Zeev Jabotinsky wrote, "Ki sheket hu refesh"=because silence is muck.

HallOfMaat said...

"O" Shmum - Go Jump In The Ocean!

urbanadder22 said...

The "two-state solution" is no solution at all. Foisting a "Palestinian" state onto Israel is designed to put an end to Israel and turn it into "Palestine," another Islamic entity and another advance into our part of the world by the umma--the Islamic world community.

That such a state of Jew-hating arabs will ever result in "peace" is a stupid dream--a pipe dream such as Bush the younger dreamt while he sat on the toilet.

Forget about an Israel-friendly United States--not as long as a Barack Hussein Obama reigns in Washington D.C.

While even North Korea with its (farkakte) missiles and nuclear bombs can stand up to the United States, Israel is expected to cower and give in to the Great White (well, half-White anyway) Father in Washington.

What's the answer? I'll say that I do not know. Even if I do. I know that I would get no backing in Israel. But for starters how about saying "NO!" to the arrogant narcissist who rules over the U.S.?

He seems to get confused and know not what to do when faced with unexpected circumstances. Of course, there are plenty to give him advice. even the Jew-hater Pat Buchanan has become a neo-Obama-fan.

Curious, isn't it, when someone with power starts to muscle Israel, what will come out of its crevice and cheer as it slithers onto the presidential bandwagon.

I wonder how many other American "conservatives" will join the socialist-fascist president when it comes to crapping on Israel?

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