Monday, June 15, 2009

Tax update

As I mentioned car taxes in Israel will be going up.

Purchase tax on cars (and separate from VAT) are expected to be raised from 77% to 92%.

Fuel taxes have been rising too.

On the other hand (a term that implies direct comparison between the two juxtaposed expressions, i.e. see Obama's Cairo speech), taxes on Hybrids will be reduced from 77% to around 30%.

But no luck yet the government will actually offer incentives to buy them as opposed to just reducing an extra tax.

Now I can only hope that they start importing Hybrid minivans, so we can accommodate any future Natural Growth in the JoeSettler homestead.

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ABZ said...

this post is a bit misleading. the changes to the purchase tax structure on cars reflect adjustment to purchase tax based on rated fuel and emissions standards on the vehicle. cars that use more hydrocarbons and pollute more will be taxed more. cars that pollute less will be taxed less. this is no different than incentives that are offered in the USA - just that the mechanism is different by doing it at the importer purchase tax level rather than by income tax credits given to the owner. frankly, I think the Israeli way makes more sense..........

Leah Goodman said...

natural growth in the joe settler household??? is this a b'shaa tova?

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