Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Unifying Israel News Item Contest

Hey JBlogworld!

The JGooders.Com organization is dedicated to making the world a better place.

They're offering a chance to win a $25 "do good" card to the participating charitable project of your choice. I get to run the contest, so I decided that in honor of Rosh HaShana, the upcoming Jewish New Year -- the contest will be who can email or comment-in the best "Best Unifying Israel News Item Contest."

Find that news item that demonstrates unity in Israel. With all the political strife going on, religious/secular tensions, and stress in general -- I'm looking for feel-good news stories -- submit the best one, and win a JGooders $25 tzedakka donation.

Here's a good example:

This past week, I posted about a rather nasty Chareidi website that had some rather awful things to say about fallen IAF pilot Assaf Ramon, the son of fallen Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon.

Within an hour, Lurker posted a followup about how the general Chareidi/Ultra Orthodox population has tremendous respect for Israel's soldiers, and how the majority of the chareid community is mourning Assaf Ramon. One Charedi website (B'Hadrei Haredim) even set up a campaign throughout the haredi community for people to learn mishnayot in Ramon's memory. This is a traditional Jewish mourning practice, that represents an effort to contribute "extra points" in heaven for a beloved person who has passed away.

My contribution to this story would be that the editors of the website, paid a shiva call (condolence call) to the bereaved mother, Rona Ramon. They introduced themselves as from the website, and told Rona about the outpouring respect from people on the website, and those learning mishna in the memory of Assaf Ramon.
Rona Ramon told them: Your actions touch me, and make me happy. How good is it to see for a second when there isn't strife within the nation. Everyone, everyone is with us [in our pain]. I very much thank you for your visit, and I very much appreciate and value the mishnayot study [in my son's memory] -- it's heartwarming. I wish it wasn't needed [for this reason.] A son who left us...during a training exercise on behalf of the security for all of us.

There wasn't a dry eye in the room. (B'Hadrei Haredim)
Wishing all our readers, commenters and submitters a wonderful new year!

A year of health, happiness and prosperity. A year of unity, redemption and the ingathering of the exiles.

תש"ע = תהיה שנת עליה

Shana Tova!

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sharona said...

shana tova

Anonymous said...

Obama Foreign Policy Adviser Brezinski Calls for Obama to Shoot Down Israeli Jets

-- Ma Sands)

Nachum said...

Maybe the way Peres is growing on me qualifies?

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