Thursday, September 03, 2009

Israel to legalize "unauthorized" settlements?

This could be an excellent solution.

Retroactive legalization for settlements to keep the media from clamoring that they are "illegal" -- a term coined by previous State Prosecutor Talia Sasson (who most recently ran for a spot in Israel's Knesset on the leftwing Meretz party list).
The state prosecutor's representative twice hinted that construction in West Bank settlements might be retroactively legalized Wednesday, seemingly representing a major policy turnaround.

The two responses are a departure from the state's usual response that the structures are illegal and are expected to be demolished.

The responses, coming three weeks after Deputy Premier and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon said that the state prosecutor is not faithfully representing the current government's view on settlements, seems to signal a change in policy. In several past cases, including construction in the settlements of Harsha, Hayovel, Neveh Tzuf, Netiv Haavot and Amona, the state told the court the structures were illegal and were due to be destroyed in keeping with the priorities of the defense establishment.

The first of the two cases Wednesday was a petition by Peace Now with a request to issue a demolition order for 12 new structures in the settlement of Kiryat Netafim. The state responded that "while the work is illegal, a detailed master plan had been published in the past with the aim of arranging the planning status of the settlement. This situation requires a deep scrutiny of the issue by the government." (Haaretz)
Unfortunately, this is probably on a stop-gap solution, as radio reports this morning on Galezi Tzahal (IDF Radio) stated a potential trilateral meeting in Israel in 3 weeks, between Israel, the Palestinians and the President Obama, which would halt all Jewish construction in the West Bank/Yesha -- Jerusalem included.

Already this morning the government's Central Bureau of Statistics is announcing that construction starts in the West bank/Yesha are down 33% for the first half of 2009, compared to 2008.

This is directly a result of Netanyahu's government intervention, preventing the construction of new homes for Israel's Jewish residents.

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Anonymous said...

Watch out Jameel! This might end up in the JPost.

NormanF said...

The government lies. If it wanted to ensure normal life for Yesha, it would have done so months ago. I see no evidence of a turn-around in government policy in the offing. Jameel - who are you going to believe - empty promises or cold hard statistics that say construction starts are down 33% for the first half of 2009?

I rest my case.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

NormanF: I agree -- the facts on the ground are rather depressing.

Shmilda said...

They really think Obama has time for a trip to Israel as his top priorities, socialized medicine and cap and tax get thoroughly derailed in Congress?

primerica life insurance said...

to Norman F
I agree there is no evidence of a turn-around in government policy, and it seems the government really lies to us. lorne

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