Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hizbollah Micro Terror Cells Could Overwhelm Israel

A recently published article in Ma'arahot, a monthly journal on military issues by y Lt.-Col. Robi Sandman received an award by Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenaz.

Besides scoring Hizbollah a victory over the IDF in the Second Lebanon War, he outlines a rather sobering picture of an attack scenario to which the IDF currently has no solution.
The next war, he wrote, will likely include Hizbollah sending hundreds of teams comprised of 4-5 fighters each, armed with anti-tank missiles and sniper rifles, into the Galilee.

"We need to recognize that the IDF with its current structure cannot provide a response to the unbelievably well-equipped force that is rising up to destroy the State of Israel," he wrote.

These hundreds of squads will be able to rely on local Israeli-Arab infrastructure in the Galilee, Sandman wrote. He recommended that the IDF immediately establish small, elite reconnaissance squads capable of countering this threat.(JPost)

If Hizbolla sends "hundreds" of these squads, then the IDF will need to train hundreds of small elite units as well. I don't see the IDF rushing to do this, considering how they don't overly invest in the counter terror squads in the Yehuda vShomron/West Bank Settlements.

Unfortunately, he also didn't recommend additional intelligence against the local Israeli-Arab infrastructure. If we're sure they will turn against Israel -- we need to make things extremely clear to the Israeli Arab population now. No silk glove treatment as is currently given to incitement-spouting MK's like Amhed Tibi -- treason requires severe imprisonment at best.

Even more scary is the report's assessment that Israel might have to turn to the US for support during the war...and we may not receive it either.
Sandman also warned of the possibility that in a future conflict, the United States might not help Israel as it had in the past. During the 2006 war and the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the US airlifted advanced weapons and ammunition to Israel to refresh dwindling stockpiles.
Israel needs to stop playing around with PR peace initiatives and deal with the immediate threats at hand: Iran's nuclear ambitions, their Hizbollah proxy in South Lebanon, and their Hamas proxy in Gaza.

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Skaj said...

So we are now giving tips to our enemies how to destroy us??

Is it not like saying "if you want to burgle my house the upstairs window is open" ??

Soccer Dad said...

Seems awfully similar to a 10 year old article.

Judy said...

Israel has many potential allies... India for a start. It also has a very committed dedicated zionist majority most of whom have good military training and know how to handle arms.

The response in the form of offering support to northerners seeking shelter from the bombardments of 2007 showed the public's solidarity and readiness to help. The miluim structure offers big potential for training to counter cells and infiltrators.

Hundreds of Hizbollah teams (and even Israeli collaborators) carrying portable missiles aren't going to be inconspicuous, either by night or day, "warned" or not.

In Lebanon, Hizbollah survived through a combination of Iranian-financed and directed bunkers and ambushes. Even if a local Israeli collaborator network were to be in place, it would hardly be an equivalent to that.

The Israeli far left makes a lot of noise and has a big presence in the media. The electoral reality gives quite a different message.

HolyCityPrayer said...

Robi Sandman? Is that an Englishization of Gezel Sheyna?


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