Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gas Mask Layaway Savings Plan

First there was the 33 thousand dollar discarded closet.

Then came the million dollar mattress.

Israelis seem to find the strangest places to keep hoards of money (who knew they had so much to begin with?). Today's latest find -- gas mask boxes.

The IDF Homefront command has been collecting gas masks from Israel's citizens to refurbish them (or replace them) for redistribution.

We gave ours back about 8 months ago....all different shapes and sizes. There were the space suit models for infants, small children models had a air blower connected to them, and then the teenagers and us had larger ones.

Since our gas masks don't need to be used on a regular basis, we (and most of Israel) keep them in the "boydem" (the attic) or out of sight and mind, hoping they will never need to be used.

YNET reports that the IDF Gas Mask recycling facility recently found in a returned gas mask box -- 26,000 NIS. They workers notified the police who located the Sederot. (All gas mask boxes are barcoded and databased to owners).

The shocked owner happily received his money back -- he didn't even know the money was missing, since it was family members who returned the gas masks without knowing of the money's existence. The owner threw in a caveat -- I had 80,000 NIS stored there all together in 3 other gas mask boxes...

The recycling center is searching for those boxes now, and hopes to return the money to its rightful owner.

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keren said...

Well why not,
It is just as safe as putting it in a chicken in the freezer!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Chicken in the freezer wont get given away as quickly to the IDF as gas chicken's probably a safer bet.

Though...its easier to go into the freeze than the attic.

realRightWinger said...

can you smell the money ?

Gee a Moron said...

I'm sure I'd smell the money as I cooked the chicken into soup one fine erev Shabbat. Especially if those new plastic-like 20 shekel bills started melting.

Neshama said...

Why can't the adults wear the see-thru variety like the little boy in mom's arms? I'd rather be able to see and have air circulating around me.
I hate those black rubber thingies. They look like I wouldn't be able to breathe with that thing over my face. I need alot of air circulating for my lungs; and breathing might be strained in that contraption.
What was it like trying to breathe with that on... anyone?

BR said...

Yes, it does take a little effort, but it doesn't require any electricity.

Anonymous said...

wait, thats my mask and my $

Anonymous said...

hmmm why do you all need gas masks??? what could you possibly have done????

Baila said...

I keep my millions in the....well, probably not a good idea to announce it here.

josh said...

Contrary to what most people think, statistics show that most Israelis are not in overdraft at the bank, many own their own home and have second ones for 'investment', many help there children buy their homes, and this August 2009 was the busiest month ever at Ben Gurion Airport with very heavy outgoing tourism.

Anyone say recession?

Shabbat shalom or shavuah tov

Kamagra said...

I think that this is a very good alternative to keep money and not spend a lot of money, in this day the most important thing that we can do is to keep money for the future.

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