Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Actual Value of a Palestinian Terrorist

Breaking news from the Jerusalem Post: (link)
The security cabinet on Wednesday morning approved the release of 20 female Palestinian prisoners and detainees in exchange for an up-to-date video tape of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Schalit, in the first concrete move toward freeing the soldier since he was kidnapped over three years ago.
The actual value of seeing Shalit on videotape is worthless because the German mediator Urlau has already seen the video, which is believed to have been taped within the last few weeks.

So if he's seen the video, why do we need to release 20 Palestinian Female Terrorists?!

We now all know the true value of a Palestinian Female Terrorist: One-twentieth of a video tape. Actual Value: 15 cents. Guppies are worth more.

However, Judge Goldstone values Palestinians at far, far more than 15 cents a person. He assigns that value (or less) to the Jews hurt and killed by Hamas rockets.

Dr. Mirela Siderer's face is still scarred from injuries she sustained when a Gazan rocket hit an Ashkelon mall in May 2008 Since that fateful day, the gynecologist, a 53-year-old mother of two, has undergone seven operations for her wound, and she is in need of an eighth.

On Tuesday, she spoke at the UN Human Rights Council, which on Tuesday debated the 429-page report on Operation Cast Lead compiled by a four-person investigatory team led by South African Judge Richard Goldstone. She told the council how upset she was to discover that her story had been reduced to one line, in which the document states that she was one of three people seriously wounded in the rocket attack.

"Judge Goldstone, in a 500-page report, why did you completely ignore my story? My name appears only in passing, in brackets, in a technical context," said Siderer, who spoke on behalf of the Geneva-based UN Watch NGO.

"I feel humiliated," she told the council. "Why are there only two pages about Israeli victims like me, who suffered thousands of rockets over eight years?"(JPost)

The entire evidence of Dr. Siderer's testimony was reduced to a single line...even less than 15 cents.

98% of the report attacked Israel for defending itself from Hamas terrorists.

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Safranit (Safra-knit) said...

The minimum those 20 terrorists are worth is an International Red Cross visit to Gilad Shalit.

ProfK said...

You're figuring the value of Palestinians too high. If Urlau has already seen the tape then the tape is a used one, and used it is worth about 25 cents.

A video tape is used as credible evidence? In today's age when even a 6 year old can use the technology to doctor video presentations to show whatever you want to show?

Anonymous said...

just infect each of the women with a terminal disease that is contagious. after a little while release some more with some other disease.

there will be no peace until a true game of hardball is played.

Kae Gregory said...

This young man's perpetual captivity is not only demonstrative of the inhumanity of the curs with whom Israel must deal, but is also an indictment of Israel's policies with regards to her sons held captive - Mr. Pollard included. By way of venting, this is my suggestion for a policy:
Release our soldier or we will immediately implement a policy of extermination of Hamas and Hezbollah operatives without regard to their level of authority or involvement wherever they are found. Be assured that we will pursue this policy with the excessive mercilessness and barbarity that we are constantly and consistently accused of by most of the rest of the world, without regard for collateral damages or deaths. We will implement this policy worldwide without regard for rules of sovereignty, exactly the way Israel is regarded with respect to her own boundaries.
There - now I feel better.

Nachum said...

I remember there was a whole to-do when a speaker at Baruch Goldstein's funeral said something along lines of "A single Arab isn't worth a Jewish fingernail."

But every time I read about these prisoner exchanges, isn't that essentially proving his point? The bodies of two dead Israelis were worth what, dozens or hundreds of live Arabs? Hence, it takes quite a few Arabs to make up a Jew, so to speak.

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