Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ungh. Chareidi Website Spits at IDF Casualties

I'm not a Chareidi (Ultra-Orthodox) apologist, though I will admit to understanding their viewpoint better over time.

I volunteer with Chareidim within the scope of Hatzala/MDA EMT response to accidents, and the vast majority my interaction is positive. Hatzala has volunteers from all walks of life in Israel; Chareidim, national-religious, and secular. Male and even female volunteers (previously, that used to be taboo). Even Muslim, Druze and Christian volunteers.

But this post isn't about Hatzala. Its about this revolting Chareidi website that promoted this message concerning Assaf Ramon's tragic death.

The headline and byline reads:

Does the IDF casualty who didn't learn Torah, have a place in the "world to come?"

In order to warn about sycophants, masquerading as "Chareidim" -- and to enlighten our brothers who have gone astray, we must tell the truth. One only earns a place in the world to come, by learning and strengthening the Torah...

Hopefully, this website that so blatantly spits in the face of those who defend the country, is not representative of the average Chareidi worldview in Israel.

Unfortunately along with the crazy riots in Jerusalem, the Chareidi population looks worse and worse on a daily basis.

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Litvshe said...

Especially since this goes against 60+ years of Rabbinic literature on the Holocaust. As well as open Gemaras. Those killed for being Jewish or in the service of the Jewish people, to save them, are called K'doshim.

Gee a Moron said...

For the most part at least the talkbacks to this article put the author in his place.

bataliyah said...

Ouch. This headline hurts my neshama.

Anonymous said...

why dont you identify the site as an antizionist site and just ignore them
p.s. look at their ads for romantic couples vacations in tzimmerim, that is glatt kosher like chazir

Baruch Alster said...

Should this be seen in light of Yated's outburst against MK R. Amsalem who said that army service counts as mesirut nefesh to the Jewish people, therefore enabling leniency for giyur?

Lurker said...

Baruch Alster:

Yes, I was thinking much the same thing. They both stem from the same sort of mentality.

Neshama said...

These people, and people like them, will melt away when Moshiach finally arrives. It is not the label, the clothing, the yeshiva, the neighborhood, et al, it is WHAT IS INSIDE A PERSON THAT COUNTS!

NormanF said...

Those who practice kinat seenam will have no place in the next world. I can think of nothing more nauseatingly stupid than to dishonor Ramon's memory. It would behoove those who study Torah to reflect that without the contribution of Ramon, they could not pursue their studies in peace and security. Freedom is not free!

Nachum said...

I like how they think that Torah study is more important than, say, Shemirat Shabbat. Their messed up theology is messed up even on its own terms, not that I'd like to give any credence to it.

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