Thursday, September 24, 2009

GPO still considering Press Creds for Bloggers

This JPost articles mentions many of the salient points in my posting from last week and the accompanying comment thread.

Yet its always nice to get mention in the JPOST...especially as a "leading blogger" :-)
Ron Dermer, a senior adviser to the prime minister, took the opportunity to formally recognize the work bloggers do in defending Israel and uncovering fraudulent claims against the Jewish state at the International Jewish Bloggers Convention last week.

Lauding the work of bloggers in defending Israel, Dermer claimed that "The blogger [Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs] who revealed Reuters' doctoring of images during the Second Lebanon War did as much as any Israeli intelligence officer did."

Following Dermer's praise of the work bloggers do in protecting Israel, he was asked by leading blogger "Jameel" of the Muqata blog whether the government would consider extending bloggers the same accreditation afforded to journalists.

In his response, Dermer stated at the Jewish Bloggers Convention in Jerusalem that the "government should identify a number of good bloggers, serious bloggers, and give them journalist IDs." (JPost)
We'll see if I get a response from Dermer's office. I wrote to them last week, yet have received zero response.

I guess they're busy...or they got turned off by a blog name "The Muqata"

(then again, look at all those who do have press credentials from the GPO: Al Jazeera, AP, Reuters, etc...)

hat-tip: Wallid.

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